Bengals' Dre Kirkpatrick dreaming up flashy closet for his 700 pairs of shoes

CINCINNATI -- In the past few months, Cincinnati Bengals cornerback Dre Kirkpatrick signed a five-year, $52 million contract, moved into a new house, and launched a record label.

So what's next?

Kirkpatrick figures he might splurge a bit on some new features in his house, including a giant closet to hold all of his shoes.

Collecting shoes is one of Kirkpatrick's favorite things. He estimates he's amassed 700 or 800 pairs over the years.

"You know I love shoes, so I'm making a cool shoe room," Kirkpatrick said.

The room will have to be big enough to hold all of those shoes, so Kirkpatrick is turning one of the larger rooms in the house into a closet.

"It's literally a family room," Kirkpatrick said.

Kirkpatrick said he's going to put LED lights in the room, including a giant 27, which is his current number. He's also going to build a display case for certain pairs of shoes.

Kirkpatrick said if he had to pick a shoe to display, it would be his Doernbecher 8's, referring to the Air Jordan 8's, which were part of Nike's 2014 Doernbecher collection. The proceeds of the shoes go to the Doernbecher Children's Hospital in Portland, Oregon.

"I've never worn them," Kirkpatrick said. "I spent a good penny on them, too. They kind of robbed me, but I was determined to get them."

Kirkpatrick said he only has one pair of those particular shoes for a reason, and he has no plans to get another to actually wear.

"No they're too expensive," he said, laughing.