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App Release Notes: 1.5.3 for Apple and 4.2.194 for Android

  • New arming icon layout – revised to show only the actionable arming state
  • Added Biometric user access to app, supporting TouchID and FaceID
  • Phone rotation to landscape live view, orientation flipping of live view video feeds fully supported
  • Numerous improvements for video camera navigation, live capture, monitoring and messaging
  • Resolved network/camera provisioning errors, updated video library to expedite Camera WiFi configuration and registration, allow SSID auto-population with location permissions
  • Added Global Chime support for BAT Connect, expanded and improved Virtual Keypad support for Interlogix NetworX panels communicating through a BAT-Connect
  • Streamlined PIN code validation, added warning identifiers for users missing PIN codes
  • Improved Z-Wave thermostat fan control setting, revised demo mode for interacting with the demo thermostat
  • Adjusted an arming level action/trigger to the correct description, resolved a permission issue alert for user arming level authorization, and user permission assignments
  • Arming bar update in certain conditions to show disarm button during an exit delay period
  • Updated arming modifiers and arming bar icon color when the system is in alarm
  • Resolved an entry delay issue to show the disarm button on certain panels, allows user to disarm a panel before an alarm state
  • Defined a consistent scene name length to sync with hardware
  • Updated a heat sensor notification text in the zone configuration view
  • Resolved data and networking related stalls with panel users and cameras
  • Refined display for entry/exit delay, door window sensor handling, zone naming and event log content for the Connect-XT Communicator and Simon XT panels
  • Moved glass-break sensors into the Door/Window category
  • Updated Connect+ permissions view to better inform users of a PIN code requirement and save requirements
  • Improved invalid User Number NAK handling, changes to only observe and handle NAKs that originate from current client commands
  • Added event notification renewal at each launch
  • Updated settings text to be more universal vs. referencing a specific panel
  • Added motion arming icon where applicable
  • System troubles and trouble display improvements
  • Modified camera order – alphanumeric
  • Localization updates, other miscellaneous enhancements

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