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Connect+ Panel Firmware Release Notes v1.1.4.0 

-Support for two-way voice alarm verification. Requires Ethernet communication. 

-Support for 40 Indoor PIR. 

-Support for WiFi Device Link Repeater. 

-Feature changed so if alarm type Silent Panic is selected the report code will change to 1122. This will ensure two-way voice muting options are properly set. 

-Feature to disable all siren cadences from playing during a VOIP session. This excludes Temporal 3 and Temporal 4 sounds due to their life safety association. 

-Feature added to allow two-way voice session to last up to 30 minutes. 

-Added features to Z-Wave support for additional options support by end-user app release. 

-Z-Wave improvements for better handling of retries and out of range devices. 

-Various other bug fixes and improvements for Z-Wave. 

-Resolved issue that could cause the panel to reset during firmware update if a check for updates command was sent. 

-Resolved issue that would cause Touchpad tamper trouble and restore to be delayed. 

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