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Connect+ Panel Firmware Release Notes v1.1.7.0 

-Added support for two-way voice over LTE. 

-Support for new features in mobile application and Touchpad versions.

-Updated procedure when a two-way session has started and a life safety device is triggered. two-way session is no longer aborted but appropriate temporal sounder is active. 

-Added support for Duress code to be used to arm a panel with Quick Arm disabled. This feature will also send a duress signal at the time of arming. 

-Improved cell card check in to handle updates to cell card more regularly. No matter the configuration the cell card will check in every 24 hours. 

-Resolved issue that would cause Silent Arming to stay active when using Night Arming. 

-Resolved issue that would cause z-wave module in slot 3 to go into supervision and clear shortly after. 

-Resolved issue that could cause Touchpad to change WiFi channel while updating. 

-Resolved issue that would cause an overflow of 602 events sent to a CS server. 

-Improved handling of queued events. 

-Updated response for zone protesting status.

-Various improvements for Z-Wave and scenes. 

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