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Z-Wave Device Support Document
For Connect+ Wireless Security Panel

Alula’s Connect+ security and automation platform provides t h e ability to interface with
a broad range of commercially available products that have implemented Z-Wave®
communication protocols. The Z-Wave Alliance and supporting member community have
designed this RF communication system to maximize interoperability between
manufacturers. Despite these efforts, there are occasionally anomalies in
implementation and performance that limit full system support.
At Alula, we actively test Z-Wave devices to ensure devices are compatible with Connect+ and
our Alula network. This document outlines the results of these tests, confirming what
features the consumer can expect to have available if they are to integrate with various ZWave
products on the market.
We will continue to evaluate new products, and update the support matrix as new products
become certified.

There are three factors evaluated to determine if a device is supported.
1. Do all of the features outlined by the Z-Wave device function as expected.
2. Does Connect+ provide communication support required to join and talk to the ZWave
3. Are there features in the Alula app that allow the features and capabilities of the
device to be operated by the consumer.

It is possible to have a device operate perfectly well for 10 features, but have 2
capabilities unavailable in the Alula app. Occasionally we will come across a product that is
designed to be Z-Wave compatible, but the way it was implemented prevents Connect+
from communicating with it reliably. The matrix below outlines the products tested, with a
representation on overall system availability for each device.
Table of supported devices. The YELLOW features represent some minor observations for
the product, but they can be considered supported and tested by the platforms.



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