Creating market opportunities

With Alula, there’s no limit to the customers you can serve. Whether residential, small business, or rental, the Alula Platform can be as simple or robust as you need it to be. However you want to go to market, Alula can take you there.

New installs

Reduce your customer creation costs and streamline your installs. Alula’s wireless technology makes it easy to get up and running in a half hour or less. No drilling or wire pulling, just use your cell phone to enroll sensors and cameras.


Takeovers and upgrades

Capture a competitor’s customer or upgrade one of your own to prevent account attrition. With Alula’s award-winning communicators,  you can quickly and easily harvest sensors from old school panels and convert them to a modern, interactive experience, including adding video and home automation.

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Sunset upgrade program

Overcome upcoming sunsets
from cellular providers with Alula’s
ConnectUp Sunset Program. Upgrade
to Alula communicators or the Alula
Connect+ system now, and receive up
to a $50 rebate for replacing a sunset-prone device.

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