AlulaConnect Dealer Portal

The time-saving, central place for configuration and management of accounts and devices

Like all Alula products and services, our dealer portal was built to reduce costs and save time. That is why we designed it with the ability to do most things remotely. This means faster response times and, most importantly, less truck rolls which keeps more money in your pocket.

Easy Remote Configuration

Without the requirement to be onsite for configuration, AlulaConnect gives you the ability to program and manage devices right from your office. This leads to faster installs and the ability to quickly diagnose and resolve issues that may arise – without the need for costly service calls.

Quickly identify issues from the Account Overview  screen

Remotely adjust exit delay times based on customers’ changing needs

Adjust panel programming by moving a slider or adjusting a dial

Streamlined Account Creation

AlulaConnect’s Account Creation Wizard is designed to simplify the process of creating new accounts and adding new devices. Quickly add accounts with a simple workflow that walks you through creating an account, registering hardware and selecting service features.

Useful Account Analytics

Fast Management of Account Changes

AluaConnect gives you the ability to remotely push updates and upgrade/downgrade account capabilities as needed. Add or remove Home Automation or Interactive App Control, or turn on/off cellular communications – all without the need to have a technician onsite.

Save Time With CRM Integrations

To further simplify the onboarding and management of Alula accounts and devices, we’ve integrated with some of the most popular CRM’s being used by our partners. Current integrations include:

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