System Controls

From the LED Keypad for cost-conscious installs to the award-winning Slimline Touchpad with a 7″ touchscreen, we built our control interfaces like we build all our products – to maximize application versatility and keep your costs as low as possible.

Slimline Touchpad PRO home security touchscreen

Slimline Touchpad PRO


Give customers modern control of their smart security system with the Slimline Touchpad PRO and its 7” full-color touchscreen. Arm and disarm the system, view cameras, control smart devices and initiate scenes all from the Slimline Touchpad PRO. Plus it looks the same as the Alula Smart Security app which makes it easy for customers to learn and use.

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LED Keypad


Don’t give up features and functionality for price-conscious customers. The LED Keypad works with the Connect+ System and displays real-time system status with modern, LED-lit buttons and a quick at-a-glance view via the lit status bar at the top. Keep your costs low and your customer satisfaction high with the all-new LED Keypad. 

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Wall Plates

Have a large imperfection you need to cover? Our Wallplates are great for covering wall blemishes or finish damage caused by prior keypad installations.

  • 5-pack
  • Works with LED Keypad & Slimline Touchpad
  • Demensions 7.75 x 6 x .25 inches
  • Weight: 2.45 oz


This compact, multi-mount capable control interface offers wireless, one-button arming for the speediest exit. Can be used as a primary or backup keypad. Mount on the wall with VHB tape, or set on a shelf or table with the reversible back plate.

  • Secure, 4-digit disarming, 1-button arming
  • Red/Green LED arming feedback
  • Mounts on wall via VHB® tape, or screws
  • Compact, carry in purse or mount on car visor
  • 4-6 year battery life on included CR2032 battery
  • RE652 – Connect+™
  • RE252T – 2GIG Compatible PINpad

5-Button FOB

Forget to arm the system on your way out the door? No problem, the encrypted FOB gives gives you secure, on-the-go convenience for basic arming functions and can be programmed to turn on a Z-Wave™ light, or trigger a panic alarm. The LED indicates data transmission activity.

  • Recessed buttons, no pocket false alarm
  • Built-in key ring 
  • Strong, reliable RF signal
  • 4-6 year battery life on A27 battery
  • RE600-5 – Connect+™ 5-Button FOB
  • RE100-5 – GE 5-Button FOB
  • RE200-5 – Honeywell & 2GIG 5-Button FOB
  • RE300-5 – DSC 5-Button FOB