Smart and connected

The Automation section of the Alula App is where the connected smart home comes to life. A single location for controlling Z-Wave devices and initiating scenes that trigger a sequence of activities, saving users time on common routines. Plus, the app home screen is configurable which allows users to put their most frequently used and important devices at the forefront.

One place to control the entire home’s Z-Wave smart devices

Eliminates the need to use multiple apps to control connected devices leading to increased system interaction and use.

Instant response when a light, lock or thermostat is adjusted

Alula’s lightning fast network delivers near instant response when smart device control is initiated. Turning on a light, unlocking a door or making adjustments to thermostat settings happens in the blink of an eye.

Create automated scenes for common routines

Create scenes to automate typical system activities like turning on a light after disarming the system or adjusting the thermostat when the system is armed “away”.

Accessible from mobile app and touchscreen control

Interacting with smart devices and automated scenes is the same whether using the smartphone app or the Slimline Touchscreen control interface. A consistent user experience leads to happier customers and higher retention rates.

Slimline Touchpad PRO home security touchscreen

Your brand at the forefront

With the ability to add your brand, colors and contact information to the app and touchscreen, customers will see your details everytime they turn on a light or adjust the thermostat. Make sure your customers know who to refer their friends to for smart security solutions.

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