Intrusion Sensors

LongLife Window/Door Sensor

The LongLife Door/Window sensor features a ten year battery life, peel and stick mounting and encrypted wireless communications. Plus you can save time with factory pre-enrolled options, configure at the office prior to installation, or enroll quickly on site.

  • 10 year battery life (CR2032)
  • Peel and stick mounting
  • Encrypted wireless communications
  • Low-profile design
  • DWS-LL

Glass Break Sensor

Identifies the sound of breaking glass and transmits a signal to the Connect+ panel when mounted 4-25 feet from the protected window. Glass Break sensor is cost-effective way to extend the coverage area for any home or business. 

  • Full spectrum 180° listening covers large areas vs. many door/window sensors
  • Avoids false alarms with advanced glassbreak detection algorithms
  • Instant intrusion alarm reporting and App notification on breaking glass
  • Variable listening range from 4-20 feet
  • RE629 – Connect+™
  • RE129 – Qolsys/GE/Interlogix Compatible Glass Break Sensor
  • RE229 – Honeywell / 2GIG Compatible Glass Break Sensor

Door Window Sensor

Standard Door/Window Sensor is a full-featured security transmitter with industry-leading wireless range and battery life. Door/Window Sensor detects the opening and closing of doors and windows.

  • Industry-leading wireless range and battery life
  • One door window zone and two external contact zones
  • Secure encrypted wireless transmissions
  • 5-year warranty
  • RE601 – Connect+™
  • RE101 – Qolsys/GE/Interlogix Compatible Door Window Sensor
  • RE201 – Honeywell Compatible Door Window Sensor
  • RE201T – 2GIG ONLY Compatible Door Window Sensor
  • RE301 – DSC Compatible Door Window Sensor

Tilt Sensor

The Tilt Sensor transmitter is typically used to monitor the change in tilt of overhead garage doors and windows. The alarm will trigger when the sensor is tilted more than 45 degrees.


  • New, high accuracy MEMS sensor
  • Easy, peel-and-stick installation
  • Industry-leading wireless range and battery life
  • Secure encrypted wireless transmissions (RE606M)
  • 10-15 year battery life


  • RE606M – Connect+
  • RE106M – Qolsys/GE/Interlogix Compatible Tilt Sensor
  • RE206M – Honeywell & 2GIG Compatible Tilt Sensor

Motion Sensor Pet Immune

Protect residential installs, without the fear of false alarms caused by man’s best friend. This sleek, yet modest PIR is designed to monitor for human-sized movement, while intelligently tolerating pets.

  • Narrow angle detection
  • Detection range adjustability
  • IP 55 rated weatherproof enclosure
  • 5-year warranty
  • RE610P – Connect+™
  • RE111P – Qolsys/GE/Interlogix Compatible Motion Sensor Pet Immune


Our most popular door/window sensor, and for good reason. NanoMax is tiny but powerful, with class-leading RF range.

  • Low-profile and discreet
  • Amazing RF range
  • Up to 1-inch magnet gap
  • Support for an external contact
  • Peel and stick installation
  • 6+ year battery life
  • 5-year warranty
  • RE622 – Connect+
  • RE122 – Qolsys/GE/Interlogix Compatible NanoMax™
  • RE222 – Honeywell Compatible NanoMax™
  • RE222T – 2GIG ONLY Compatible NanoMax™
  • RE322 – DSC Compatible NanoMax™