Opportunity is knocking. A home surveillance solution that includes a Video Doorbell is a must for any modern security system.

See what you’ve been missing.

Video is a must for modern security systems and a great way to add to your RMR. Alula’s video solution is a flexible, easy-to-install platform for security pros. Seamlessly integrated with security and automation in the Alula App, video can also be standalone if you want to start your customer with a Video Doorbell to get in the front door.

The Alula Video difference.


  • Professional monitoring: Alula’s video solution provides RMR to the security pro who installs and maintains it.
  • Interactive control: Customers can view live video from their phone and have real-time two-way conversations with visitors at the front door.
  • Easy to install: Just scan the QR code with your cell phone camera and you’ve added a new view to your customer’s account.
  • Never lose a clip: Video is stored both locally on an included MicroSD card as well as in the cloud for easy access.
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Indoor cameras

Quell any worries about what the dog’s been up to, or check on the kids after school. With two versatile models to choose from, customers can monitor their indoor spaces in high def. With motion-activated notifications and video clips saved to the cloud, your customers can monitor and recall any activity through their phones.

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Doorbell camera

Replaces any wired doorbell switch with the 2K Ultra-HD Video Doorbell. Captures every person or package at the threshold in crisp detail, with a vertical field of view. Your customers can speak with anyone at the threshold through the Alula App and recall any motion-activated clips stored in the cloud.


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Outdoor cameras

Security doesn’t start at the front door. Protect the perimeter with our rugged, weatherproof outdoor camera. High def night vision offers a crystal clear view of the yard even at midnight.



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Doorbell video

With 2K HD resolution and a zone-controlled motion sensor, the Alula Video Doorbell replaces any wired doorbell switch, to deliver real-time video from the front door to your customers’ smart phones.

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Motion detection notifications

Customers can get notifications anytime the camera senses movement, or set a recording schedule that works for them.