Life Safety

Smoke Sensor

The REX14 Smoke Detector is a highly reliable smoke detector with a photoelectric detection element and built-in temporal 3 sounder. Long-range transmitter and a detection element that is UL217 certified.

  • Photoelectric smoke, fixed heat, and rate-of-rise detection elements
  • Built-in temporal 3 sounder
  • UL217 Certified
  • RE614 – Connect+
  • RE114 – GE Compatible Smoke Sensor
  • RE214 – Honeywell Smoke Sensor
  • RE214T – 2GIG Compatible Smoke Sensor

CO Sensor

CO Sensor provides alerts to dangerous levels of CO. Sensor provides CO level memory indication, and an end of life notification. The alarm will signal when a dangerous amount of CO is detected.

  • UL2034 and CSA 6.19-01 listed
  • Detects carbon monoxide
  • 5-year warranty
  • RE615 – Connect+
  • RE115 – GE Compatible CO Sensor
  • RE215 – Honeywell Compatible CO Sensor
  • RE215T – 2GIG Compatible CO Sensor