Connect-XT Communicator

Upgrade any Interlogix Simon panel to interactive,
video and 5G LTE

4G/5G LTE Communicator, the new system saver for Simon XT, XTi, XTi-5 and XTi-5i panels


Alula is continuing their communicator innovations with Connect-XT. This all new 4G/5G LTE alarm communicator directly solves for the 3G Sunset. You can modernize old tech, driving new RMR with smartphone control, security cameras or Z-Wave™ automation upgrades.


  • ConnectXT-V (Verizon)
  • ConnectXT-V-Z (Verizon, Z-Wave)
  • ConnectXT-A (AT&T)
  • ConnectXT-A-Z (AT&T, Z-Wave)
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Make old systems new in 5-minutes


Simon is a cell-only panel, with a dated expansion module in the back. Leaving the panel on the wall, Connect-XT is a tool-less replacement – just swap out the card. With the most current communicator tech, security pros can modernize any Simon panel, auto-harvesting all existing sensors and deleting old POTS lines.  

Remote installation & programming


It’s so simple, even homeowners can do it with your professional advice. Ship a Connect-XT Communicator to your Simon panel homeowners with the self-install video link. You can program the system remotely to skip the service call. Head back when they’re ready to upgrade their home security with Video Doorbell or Z-Wave automation.

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