BAT-Connect Communicator

Easily upgrade old security panels to a modern, mobile user experience. Much more than a basic communicator, this award-winning device smartly bridges intrusion security, video, and automation to the lightning-fast Alula Network.

Your security panel needs the right touchpad


Old school communicators are just that. Old. Keeping the dusty keypad on the wall is usually a requirement with ordinary communicators. Not with BAT-Connect.


Update to the cutting-edge Slimline Touchpad, the vivid Alula 7” touchpad mirrors the Alula Mobile App and navigates like a smartphone. Just tap and swipe for complete and instant system control.


A wall and table top mount is included for location flexibility, with black or white color options.

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5G Ready!



Partnering with Alula pulls the security professional ahead of technology change, releasing a burden cell carriers place on the industry.


With CAT-M1 IoT-optimized communications to access the cellular network, you’re ready for the current 4G LTE networks and the pending 5G cellular specs

Modernize your takeover business to drive new RMR


Fueled by the encrypted Alula network, system control is delivered instantly to the smart devices your customers already use.


Armed with the BAT-Connect, you can streamline your takeover business, cut install time and simplify operations. The easy-to-install communicator is broadly compatible with common panels, giving you a game changer upgrade for million of security systems online today.


  • Simplify operations
  • Cut installation time
  • Drive new RMR
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Video Ready


Did you know that a quarter of all households want a new Video Doorbell? Be ready for new service subscriptions, higher RMR and drive your account loyalty to new heights.


Powered by the Alula ecosystem, cameras pair with security and automation in one simple app. Upgrade your customers and drive new RMR.

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Easily integrate home automation


With an optional Z-Wave™ card, you can quickly add automated locks, thermostats, lights, garage door controllers or other Z-Wave certified devices.


Alula’s vertical network and hardware integration is your unfair advantage. Network response time from the app command to the IoT device happens in 38mS; that’s 10 times faster than a blink of an eye.














Triple Path Connectivity


The BAT-Connect tri-path communicator provides three paths of WAN connectivity in one, linking to the robust Alula cloud service using Ethernet, Wi-Fi™ or CAT-M1 cellular.


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Panel Compatibility Guide


The easy-to-install communicator is broadly compatible with common panels, giving security dealers a game-changer upgrade for 15-Million security systems online today.




With three connections on board (Cellular, Ethernet AND Wi-Fi™), BAT-Connect makes cell sunsets a problem of the past.


Unlike cellular, the internet will never sunset. With a backup connection at the ready, BAT-Connect ensures alarm signals always report.


Auto-switch capability ensures a constant connection to cell or IP. This self-supporting fallback technology allows dealers to retake control of equipment service life.

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Go Interactive


Upgrade most panels to the smartphone-controlled Alula App. The Alula App and Touchpad experience are the same for both takeover and new installs, fast-tracking technician and user training.