Alula’s universal communicators upgrade security panels with interactive control, video, and automation to drive new RMR.

BAT-Connect Alarm Communicator – 5G Ready!


BAT-Connect universally adapts to millions of existing wired and wireless security panels, updating each legacy panel to app-driven, mobile control, and is backed by our 5-year warranty.  Save aging security systems from cellular sunsets while instantly upgrading your customer’s intrusion security with video and automation services.

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Connect-XT is your best Sunset solution for Simon XT panels.


1.8-Million homes were secured with Interlogix/GE Simon panels in the last decade. Whether Interlogix was a big part of your business, or you’re looking for a better takeover solution, it’s certain Simon will need a saviour as their 3G radios near a mass timeout.

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Alula’s new BAT-Connect is the ultimate alarm system takeover device, easily upgrading legacy security platforms to a modern, mobile experience. Much more than a basic communicator, this intuitive device smartly bridges intrusion security, video, and automation with the Alula iOS or Android Apps. Fueled by the encrypted, lightning-fast Alula network, system control is delivered instantly to the smart devices your customers already use and love. BAT-Connect is backed by our 5-year warranty.

  • Instantly modernize most legacy security systems with mobile control
  • Video ready, enabled through the alula mobile app
  • Home automation-ready, link to any z-wave device
  • Sunset-proof communicator, with ethernet and wifi onboard
  • Triple-path connectivity gives install flexibility and auto-switching to always maintain alarm reporting
  • CAT-M1 IoT optimized: 5g ready keeps you ahead of tech changes, 4g LTE links to current cell standard
  • Auto-bus connection saves setup time, instantly joining existing panels
  • Built-in antenna
  • 5-year warranty
  • Optional RE036 Wall Drop Antenna for BAT Connect (8 ft)
  • Optional RE036-0 Wall Drop Antenna for BAT Connect (1 ft)
  • Optional RE046 Side Mount Antenna for BAT Connect
  • Optional RE934Z Z-Wave Card for Home Automation

Connect-XT Communicator

Instantly upgrade Interlogix Simon panels with Connect-XT

Part of the Alula Connect product family, this 4G and 5G LTE alarm communicator quickly upgrades old Simon XT, XTi, XTi-5 panels to the Alula interactive experience, an immediate, universal replacement for obsolete 3G cards installed in the Simon panels. Connect-XT upgrades Simon to complete smartphone control for security, video, and automation. Four models are available with and without Z-wave automation, for Verizon or AT&T.

  • Upgrade Simon with Alula Interactive control, one smartphone app for security, video, and automation
  • Video integration – Our powerful communicators can be combined with Alula Video
  • Z-Wave automation – Change a basic panel to a wireless smart home hub
  • Simple installation – leave the panel in place to upgrade Simon in five minutes
  • 4G LTE & 5G-Compatible, AT&T & Verizon – Extended range and future-proof communications
  • Remote panel programming – Eliminate costly truck rolls
  • Connect-XT-V (Verizon)
  • Connect-XT-A (AT&T)
  • Connect-XT-V-Z (Verizon, Z-Wave)
  • Connect-XT-A-Z (AT&T, Z-Wave)


Product Discontinued

Alula’s Internet and Cellular alarm communicator, the BAT LTE, features the very latest in 4G LTE cellular technology, remote panel programming and universal panel support – including Honeywell, DSC and GE/Caddx.

  • Simple Installation – Easy Cellular LTE & Internet: Internet connection via Ethernet and pre-activated Cellular LTE
  • Dual Hi-Gain Antennas: Increases Cellular range by up to 50%
  • Universal Panel Compatibility: Works with panels that support Contact ID signaling
  • Remote Panel Programming: Eliminate costly truck rolls via remote panel programming
  • Upload/Download: Works with Honeywell Compass and DCS DLS 5 programs
  • Video Integration: Our powerful communicators can be combined with Alula Video


Product Discontinued

Alula’s universal, dual-path Internet alarm communicator, the BAT WIFI, is a cost-effective solution for takeovers and analog line upgrades, featuring fast IP alarm communications and industry-leading remote service capabilities.

  • Simple Installation – Easy Wi-Fi Internet
  • Universal Panel Compatibility
  • Event Notifications via Text/Push, Email and Voice
  • Reduce Service Costs via Remote Panel Programming
  • Remotely Arm/Disarm via Smartphone, Tablet and PC
  • Upload/Download with Supported Panels

Make Fast Work of Takeovers


Grow your customer base and modernize legacy systems with our class-leading communicators and translators.


Make fast work of takeovers, and uniquely add video and smart phone controls to outdated systems.

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Pro Tip

System Takeovers

With 25 million secured households and a 12% annual attrition rate, there are approximately 250,000 takeover jobs up for grabs each month.