Programs for Pros

Alula Pro Partner Program


Accelerate your business growth

Accelerate the growth of your business. Become an Alula Pro Program member and stay informed, up to date and ahead of your competition.


Program Details:

  • Accelerate and grow your business
  • Earn valuable rewards
  • Broaden you dealer network
  • Increase knowledge of Alula products and services
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Alula Partner Referral Program


Let’s Help Each Other Out!


Refer a new partner who activates devices on the Alula network and receive a free communicator or panel!


Program Details:

  • Referred party registers as a pro and enrolls in the Referral Program.
  • The new pro activates 10 or more communicators or panels on the Alula platform which stay active for two consecutive months.
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ConnectUp Sunset Opportunities


When cellular providers repurpose their spectrum to make room for 5G, it can create a real headache for security pros. But it doesn’t have to be.


You can get ahead of the Sunset and even use it as an opportunity to upgrade your customers to video and automation while increasing your RMR.


Our Sunset program will give you up to $50 back for every vulnerable communicator you replace with an Alula solution. Don’t leave your customers in the dark; build a brighter future with Alula’s Sunset solvers and put cash back in your pocket.

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Sunset Consultation

Stay ahead of technology change before it becomes a drain on your business. Schedule a consult with our Sunset Pro.

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Sunset Rebate Form

Upgrade to Alula Communicators or the Alula Connect+ now and receive up to a $50 rebate for replacing a sunset device

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Interlogix Rescue Rebate


With the upcoming changes at Interlogix, we know security pros are looking for trusted manufacturing and service partners who will support them for the long-term. We’re here to help.


Alula offers the easiest way to transition from Interlogix to a modern security, video and automation solution. The Connect family of products are easy to install and supported by one accountable partner to help you manage change.


To make it even easier, we are launching special pricing for Interlogix Dealers. For a limited time, the Connect+ hub starts at only $79. We are also offering steeply discounted kits that provide all-in-one solutions to quickly get you up and running. This offer is valid for a limited time only.

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Interlogix Rebate Form

Upgrade to Alula Connect+ now and receive up to a $50 rebate for each Connect+ you place online with Alula.

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