Programs for Alula Dealers

Alula Sunset Rebate Program


Receive an automatic $99 service credit for every BAT-Connect Communicator you use to replace a 3G/CDMA device – regardless of original manufacturer.


Plus, with 5G technology built-in, you can eliminate the next sunset in the process.


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Builder Program

Alula Builder Program


The Alula Builder Program was purpose-built with a high degree of flexibility in both services and products to allow alarm dealers to select from products and services that meet a wide range of requirements.


They can be customized in a variety of ways, giving alarm dealers and integrators the freedom to design a smart home package that makes the most sense for each individual builder.

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Alula Pro Partner Program


Accelerate your business growth

Accelerate the growth of your business. Become an Alula Pro Program member and stay informed, up to date and ahead of your competition.


Program Details:

  • Accelerate and grow your business
  • Earn valuable rewards
  • Broaden you dealer network
  • Increase knowledge of Alula products and services
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Alula Partner Referral Program


Let’s Help Each Other Out!


Refer a new partner who activates devices on the Alula network and receive a free communicator or panel!


Program Details:

  • Referred party registers as a pro and enrolls in the Referral Program.
  • The new pro activates 10 or more communicators or panels on the Alula platform which stay active for two consecutive months.
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