BOSCH Conettix Receiver Purchase Assistance Program

Aula has launched the UL certified, BAT-Fire commercial fire/burg alarm communicator. The BAT-Fire works exclusively with Bosch Conettix receivers. In order to assist system integrators and their central stations with the purchase and deployment of Bosch Conettix receivers, we have created a purchase assistance program. Alula will reimburse participating system integrators 20% of their cost of the receivers for every 100 BAT-Fire communicators they install – up to 100% of their cost (500 BAT-Fire communicators), when purchased through Alula1.

Alula Bat Fire Commercial Fire Alarm


Bosch Conettix Receiver
The BAT-Fire communicator is compatible with the Conettix D6600/D6100 receiver family. Alula stocks the Bosch D6100IPv6-01 receiver and supporting accessories.

The Conettix D6100IPv6 Communications Receiver/Gateway provides simultaneous alarm communications using:

  • LAN, WAN, or cellular networks using standard datagram protocol and internet protocol (UDP/IP). 
  • Public switched telephone network (PSTN lines).

The D6100IPv6 has a compact, economical design that is well-suited for applications such as small central stations, gated communities, security offices, or university campuses.

The following SKUs are available from Alula and qualify for the purchase assistance program. They are also available from most distributors of alarm products.


Part Number Description MSDP
CONETTIX Receiver kit, 2-line, IP, 120VAC
CONETTIX USB Security Key, 500 IP Accounts
CONETTIX USB Security Key, 3200 IP Accounts
CONETTIX Rack Mount Kit for D6100
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We appreciate your partnership and hope this program helps facilitate the usage of the versatile new BAT-Fire communicator.

1 Up to a typical redundant installation, consisting of two D6100IPv6 receivers with a 3200 account license key.