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Adding & Deleting Devices 

1. Prior to adding a new device, if that device has ever been previously used with any other system, or if you’re not sure, the device MUST be first deleted to remove old enrollment settings from the old system.

2. If deleting a device, and either the website or mobile app says “failure”, you MUST try to delete the device again until you get a “success”. You may have to delete a device 2-3 times in some rare cases. Getting a “failure” when deleting the device may leave it in an unknown state, able to enroll or not, or partially enroll and cause hidden problems later.

3. After a device has been successfully deleted from the old system, (or removed from the current system), now may now attempt to add the device. If during the add process you get a “failure” at any point, you MUST start the process over by deleting the device before trying to add it again. Attempting to add the device again without first deleting it, again may cause the device to get stuck in some half enrollment state.

4. If a household has multiple devices, it is good practice to unplug or unpower the other devices while trying to add or remove a new device. Once the IGM/Connect+ is in ADD or DELETE mode, ANY device in the vicinity can be added or deleted.

  • Some devices, such as the Linear light switches, will automatically respond to any “add” or “delete” command from the IGM/Connect+ (if they’re un-enrolled) even without the installer pressing any buttons! If many of these switches are all powered at once, the first light switch that responds will be added and you will have no idea which one it was, or one that you didn’t intend. This is especially troublesome when trying to delete one of these light switches, but every other light switch on the system is responding to the command all at the same time, so you have no idea which light switch was actually deleted.
  • Many device autonomously report state changes, if a device such as a thermostat decides to send a temperature report at the same time you are adding or deleting a new device, the IGM/Connect+ may accidentally remove, or re-add the thermostat instead!
  • When enrolling devices, it is good practice to have them within direct range of the IGM/Connect+. The IGMs DO support adding or deleting devices across a Z-Wave network without direct range, however many devices on the market do not support this feature and it doesn’t always work correctly or reliably.

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