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This page is a log for AlulaConnect.com new features, updates, and improvements.

-AlulaConnect updates will include various enhancements, Alula technical support features, site maintenance, and bug fixes in addition to the highlights listed below.

Updates as of July 19th 2023

  • Improved handling for deleting a Customer when multiple panels are still registered to the users.
  • Added support for Central Stations Users to access billing portal.

Updates as of June 12th 2023

  • Added “Remove Kit” option to the Device’s Action Menu. This will remove any pre-programmed equipment from a preconfigured Connect+ panel if the panel is Factory Defaulted.
  • Added support for zone state to be displayed in the zone list for a specific zone.

Updates as of May 25th 2023

  • Added support for the RE603P Panic Pendant
  • Removed Phone Number as a User Creation requirement

Updates as of May 10th 2023

  • Added Unassign and Replace Device to Technician User types Action Menu.

Updates as of April 24th 2023

  • Added support for the Special Intrusion sensor profile when enrolling a sensor to Connect+.

Updates as of April 10th 2023

  • Generate a branded Welcome Email to be sent to new users. See Dealer Portal>Welcome Email for details on what you can send to customer.
  • Welcome Email can be sent at the end of Account creation.
  • Launched Communication Wizard for BAT-Fire set up.

Updates as of March 3rd 2023

  • Added Billing page inside AlulaConnect.com. Billing.Alula.Com is still available with deprecation date TBD.
  • Included Dealer Branding elements in emails sent to users.

Updates as of February 23rd 2023

  • Added support for Virtual Keypad with Vista 128 in the end-user portal.

Updates as of February 9th 2023

  • Added ability for central station logins to manage Account Transfers.
  • Added support for Medical Alarm and Flammable Gas in Alarm Types for Connect+ panels.

Updates as of January 24th 2023

  • Support ability to update a Local Only User to a Sub User
  • Added the option to select a Zone Profile when enrolling a zone. This allows installers to select a non-default profile when enrolling a zone. This improves scenarios such as a DWS installed as a perimeter zone or configuring hardwired zones.

Updates as of December 21st 2022

  • Support ability to update Sub User to an Account User. This User Type gives the same authorities as an Account Owner.
  • On the Overview page the Keyfob Status was updated to Keyfob Low Battery.

Updates as of December 6th 2022

  • Added direct download of CSV exports (previously CSVs were emailed).
  • Allows Dealers to enroll Technician Users into Alula Services Status Updates emails.

Updates as of November 15th 2022

  • Support for remote configuration of Touchpad setting (requires Touchpad firmware version or later).
  • Added ability to active cellular on BAT-Fire remotely.

Updates as of November 7th 2022

  • Refined consumer password reset workflow brining both reset options into one window (see additional notes on October 3rd release).

Updates as of October 3rd 2022

  • Updates to consumer password reset workflows. Enhanced security now required. Account Owners, Account Users, Technicians, and Dealers are prompted to re-enter their login password when resetting.

Updates as of September 16th 2022

  • Added ability to promote a Technician to a Dealer permission level.
  • Improved Device assignment and Customer Creation workflows.
  • Added support for future RE611P release.

Updates as of September 7th 2022

  • Added additional searches central stations with bound dealers.
  • Disable cellular radio when choosing sole path Ethernet for BAT-Fire.
  • Added “Override Panel Account Number” for BAT-Fire.
  • Renamed “Sensors” tab to “Peripherals” tab.
  • Added option to “Show” the Installer code and password.

Updates as of August 9th 2022

  • Added ability to export Sensor/Zone list

Updates as of July 19th 2022

  • Moved Global Volume Settings to the Panel Settings page.
  • Added Alula Messenger to reporting metrics.

Updates as of  June 22nd 2022

  • Added Account Creation Wizard that walks through the entire process of account creation in a single window.
  • Added ability to Search by Feature Plans.

Updates as of June 14th 2022

  • Improved sensor enrollment workflow for single Zone Input Index devices.
  • Showing BAT-Fire pricing in the Communication Tab.
  • Improved handling of online/offline status of Cameras.
  • Resolved issue that allowed BAT-Fire Inputs to be mapped to the same zone number.

Updates as of May 10th 2022

  • Added Camera Account Number field. This number is searchable and will appear in your billing file.
  • Added Overview Tab for Cameras.

Updates as of May 2nd 2022

  • Improved handling of  phone number entry particularly when copy/pasted.
  • Added Overview tab for Cameras.

Updates as of April 4th 2022

  • Added enable/disable enroll mode on Touchpads page.
  • Support of Lat/Lon set in the Overview tab. Currently set in mobile applications to run Scenes.
  • Added feature to remove Account entirely after unassigning a Device. Additional confirmation is required before deleting customer record.
  • Support for new Tilt sensor device type.

Updates as of March 21st 2022

  • Added support for BAT-Connect Installer Code. This is used by the Touchpad only.
  • Removed Automated Phone Call option from Notification menu.

Updates as of February 26th 2022

  • Added counter and tracker for 3G cellular devices.
  • Added Advanced Search for Users.
  • Added filters for searching devices in Programs.

Updates as of February 15th 2022

  • Support for stitching clips into a single video on the end user portal.
  • Support for Connect+ sensors to be programmed Normally Open or Normally Closed.

Updates as of February 2nd 2022

  • Added Company Name field for customer records.
  • Added deactivation of cellular radio into the device registration workflow
  • AlulaConnect will not deactivate cellular when devices are unregistered.
  • Improved BAT-Fire workflow and helper text.

Updates as of January 18th 2022

  • Improved handling of lower supervision times for BAT-Fire.
  • Show Touchpad signal strength.
  • Removed enrollment for Alula Sunset Program. See current Service Credit Program for details.

Updates as of January 6th 2022

  • Added Alarm state condition to branding preview.
  • Added graph for troubles over time.

Updates as of December 9th 2021

  • Rework of BAT-Fire supervision selection.
  • Improve handling of branding package with Alula API.

Updates as of November 30th 2021

  • Removed Enroll option when Connect+ panel is armed.
  • Added reports for additional Trouble reports.
  • Added support for the new Touchpad Pro device type.
  • Added online/offline status for Cameras.
  • Increased bulk import limit to 2000.

Updates as of November 9th 2021

  • Added Info bar to Devices and Camera pages. Shows activation date and ability to copy MAC or serial number.
  • Added Branding previews.
  • Improved Relay Status of BAT-Fire signals.

Updates as of October 29th 2021

  • Added support for changing BAT-Fire NNC
  • Removed options for legacy products to receive updates.

Updates as of October 19th 2021

  • Improved firmware update progress bar.
  • BAT-Fire enhancements.
  • Resolved issue for Clare product not showing receiver info.

Updates as of October 12th 2021

  • Improved formatting and verbiage on BAT-Fire specific menus.
  • Resolved issue that was preventing saving BAT-Fire routing with no AES encryption.

Updates as of October 1st 2021

  • Accept company logo for Touchpad branding.
  • Added options for color picker and hex code look up for color branding.

Updates as of September 21st 2021

  • Release of new tabs for programming and configuring BAT-Fire.

Updates as of September 15th 2021

  • Added filtering for Devices by Features. Pull reports based on Devices with Alarm Transmission, Alarm Notifications, Interactive Services, Home Automation, FailSafe, two-way voice, and Alarm Verification services.

Updates as of September 8th 2021

  • Display “Chatty” near sensors that no longer show state changes. BAT-Connect will declare a sensor “Chatty” when its exceeded 10 state changes in less than 10 minutes. Contact support for a complete understanding of the algorithm.

Updates as of August 31st 2021

  • Handling termination fees for unregistering a device in a Sunset or Builder Program.
  • Support for a Move-Out behavior. Move Out command will remove PINs from panel and reset and Z-Wave lock.
  • Created an Email link from the Customer Profile.
  • Improved handling of AlulaConnect Signals page.

Updates as of August 8th 2021

  • Improved use of browsers back button by removing each tab from being logged to browser history.
  • Added ability to configure a Bosch Conettix receiver which will be used exclusively for the BAT-Fire products.
  • Resolved issue that was causing Last Name to be required for a PIN-Only User.

Updates as of July 22nd 2021

  • Mange creation and display of Account Users which allows same authority as the Account Owner
  • Combined the Account Devices and Sub-User Devices tabs.
  • Various other navigation improvements based on changes to User creation and Device management

Updates as of July 14th 2021

  • Support for new Long Life DWS.

Updates as of June 28th 2021

  •  Added ability to add a PIN Only User to Connect+ and BAT-Connect systems.
  • Added Developer Tools inside AlulaConnect logins.
  • Resolved issue preventing Dealers from being bound to a Central Station.

Updates as of June 2nd 2021

  • Export CSVs – Dealer logins can get an CSV file emailed from Alula of both Customer and Device lists. 

Updates as of May 12th 2021

  • Allow IP-Only configuration of BAT-Connect or Connect+ w/Cellular Card. Cellular can be enabled again anytime, without a truck roll. Fee applies to re-activations. 

Updates as of May 5th 2021

  • Created Profile page for Cameras that include account details. 
  • Added 601 Test signal from platform to CS. This would allow to test CS configurations without a device online. 

Updates as of April 27th 2021

  • Resolved issues that would cause Central Stations to see 500 error when checking IP Receivers connections page. 
  • Removed “Lighting Controls During Alarms” feature from AlulaConnect. The feature was not allowed for Certification by Z-Wave Alliance. 
  • Remove the “More Actions” button from Local Only Users. 
  • Resolved issue on consumer portal that could show incorrect temperatures of Temp Sensor. 

Updates as of April 20th 2021

  • Allow Partners to enroll into Alula’s Sunset Program right through AlulaConnect login.
  • Created workflow for CSTs reps to create Partners subdomain for AlulaConnect. Partners can now ask CST reps for domains of www.CompanyName.AlulaConnect.com.  

Updates as of April 13th 2021

  • Added feature to allow Local Only Users. These users will only require a First Name, and a PIN to save. 
  • Removed Disable Auto Updates feature from Connect+ & BAT-Connect devices. 
  • Resolved issue that could cause Arming Bar on consumer portal to not update properly. 

Updates as of March 22nd 2021

  • Resolved issue with video clips on consumer web portal. 
  • Resolved issue that prevents Technical users from using the Replace Device feature. 

Updates as of March 16th 2021

  • VKP support for Concord panels.
  • Resolved issue where Panel Settings for Cover Tamper and Wall Tamper were not displayed. 
  • Added additional User Column to show User Type. 

Updates as of 02/08/21

  • Updates to Dashboard screen with additional reporting or business intelligence features.
  • Added option to select IP only for BAT-Connect and Connect+ panels. Can be selected per device in the Preferences tab.

Updates as of 01/05/21

  • Add feature to reveal User PIN.
  • Resolved issue that would prevent users from adding Open/Close and Bypass notifications from portal.
  • Improved handling of multiple Announcements.
  • Resolved issues related to Phone Number validation.

Updates as of 12/2/2020

  • Video Clips added to consumer login. View clips from a timeline or per camera. Download directly to computer storage.

Updates as of 10/21/2020

  • Announcement Board added. Announcement Board will be used to update messaging on firmware releases, AlulaConnect updates, maintenance and service impacts.

Updates as of 10/14/2020

  • Added Dealer Code configuration to support NAPCO panels with BAT-Connect.

Updates as of 06/15/2020

  • Improved Replace Device feature for CDMA to BAT-Connect devices.
  • Improved CRM integrations.

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