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The BAT-Fire provides input that can be used to monitor an FACP’s alarm, AC fail, and trouble points as well as plethora of other applications. BAT-Fire will continually monitor the state of the FACP points. A state change on a BAT-Fire input will be reported to the central station as configured. BAT-Fire inputs are at input voltage and are looking to drop voltage to create an event on the I/O. Configure the Input using the following steps.

1. First navigate to the BAT-Fire account in AlulaConnect and select the BAT-Fire you plan to configure for point capture.

2. Select “I/O Ports” tab from the top menu.

3. Click the Edit button on the I/O you wish you configure.

4. Click “Configure as Input”

5. Program the input with Sensor Type, Report Code, Zone Number, and Zone Name.*

6. Save and test input.

*programming details and selections

Sensor Type – select Alarm Device, Supervisory Device, Trouble Device, Monitoring Device. This will determine the available report codes for the next section.
Report Code – Define the Contact ID code to be sent to the central station when an event is created on this Input.

Zone Number – Enter an unused Zone Number for the event to report on.

Input Name – Give the Input a name to be identified in the AlulaConnect Event Log and Notifications.

NOTE: for UL 864 10th edition, this configuration may only be used for panels with one input zone. 9th edition and earlier permitted this method for multiple protection zones.

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