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BAT- Fire release notes for firmware version V0.2.1.100


BAT-Fire firmware can be updated over the air. Regulatory and settings may require someone to be onsite to perform updates. BAT-Fire release includes the following changes: 

  • BAT-Fire allows for central station  account number override to occur. The account number is configured via the AlulaConnect web portal.
  • Improves handling  of configuration changes sent from AlulaConnect. BAT-Fire no longer requires a reconnect after saving parameters. NOTE: If CS supervisory IP/port routing is incorrectly configured, the BAT-Fire will reset/restart the communication path after 2-3 minutes and progressively longer after that.
  • Improved CS routing testing after changes. Once a CS supervision time is changed, BAT-Fire will retest all paths within ~1 minute of that change.
  • Resolves issues related to specific FACPs that initiate on-hook off-hook on-hook sequence in quick succession on both phone channels.
  • BAT-Fire will send Contact ID code 608 as a Test Timer when troubles are present on BAT-Fire (Input trouble, Cover Tamper). BAT-Fire will light the Trouble LED if there is an open trouble input. BAT-Fire previously sent a 602 signal as a Test Timer.
  • Resolves issue that allowed for a zone number to be mapped to more than one input.
  • Failed reporting channels are no longer marked as restored if a buffered CS event times out and does not report.


BAT- Fire release notes for firmware version V0.2.1.90


  • Added 5 second delay after connecting to the platform before sending unrequested messages. This ensures the platform is completely ready to receive BAT-Fire messages. 
  • Improvements made for handling of events to the Alula platform while BAT-Fire is receiving events from FACP over tip and ring. 
  • Improvements made to Alula platform reconnect delays when central station configuration is incorrect. 
  • Updated manual comm test to initiate a heartbeat signal on all communication paths. The 601 signal is only sent on the active path but all paths are tested. 
  • Improved handling of testing central station channels when cellular supervision is changed. 
  • Resolves issue that would prevent Alula Platform from receiving events from event buffer when cellular connection restored. Did not affect central station reporting or ethernet reporting. 
  • Resolves issue that would use ethernet heartbeat time on cellular even though ethernet was disabled.

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