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Set up the client site of the amount of Cameras and Clips. Cameras determine how many cameras can be installed under this Account. Clips will determine how many clips are shared between the sites Cameras. Settings can be found on the Account page for your customer.

Clips – A short clip is created during motion activity. Clips may vary in length depending on the length of time the triggering motion activity lasts. If a clip exceeds more than 35 seconds a Segment will be created. 

Segments – A string of clips “stitched” together to create a single video to be played back. A segment is created when motion activity was occurring for longer than the duration of a standard clip. 

Motion Activity – can be set and controlled in the Alula Mobile app. Each camera has its own settings for detection. Alula has AI cameras that can generate clips based on activity of human, vehicle, or pet detection. Alternatively cameras will use an algorithm based on pixel changes and mask areas from triggering an event (road, flag pole, etc).

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