Alula Launches New iOS And Android Apps For Consumers And Professional Dealer Installers

Alula Mobile Applications Combine with Alula Connect+ Alarm Panel to Deliver a Fully Integrated Smart Security Platform for Homes and Businesses

HUDSON, WI–(PR WEB)–APRIL 11, 2018–Alula announces the launch of the Alula mobile application available today on iOS for the iPhone and iPad, and for Android phones and tablets running version 4.1 and up. With the Alula app, security, smart devices and video are seamlessly integrated creating a more engaging experience for consumers seeking more from their security solution. Consumers can easily control their security system while controlling other devices and build scenes like “lock my doors” and “turn off lights” when arming their security system. In addition, dealers can easily brand the app with their own logo, reinforcing the relationship with their customers and letting users forego a wired wall panel altogether. This app builds on the powerful Connect+ wireless smart security platform from Alula. Security has never been this easy and this powerful.

“For consumers with a smartphone and smarthome, there is no difference between automation and security,” said Alula CEO, Brian McLaughlin. “We pride ourselves on being one of the only providers of a complete sensors-to-services offering that operates seamlessly between security and the expanding world of automation devices. Solutions that don’t address consumers’ demand for a seamless automated experience just will not cut it. No one is more aware of this than today’s security professional.”

Download Today and Demo the Apps

Both consumers and security professionals can download the apps by searching “Alula Security” in either App Store and look for the Alula icon:

Try the Demo mode and plan to see a live demo at ISC West booth 22059 / #ISCWest2018.

About Alula Security Application

The Alula Security app combines your alarm system with smart device control into one app. The app delivers direct control over your smarthome and security allowing you to control lights, locks, thermostats, cameras and garage doors independently or in combination with the arming and disarming of your alarm, in whatever order you choose. There’s even a demo-mode, built into the app, so you can see what a simple smart home security system looks like and plan the addition of new features, devices and scenarios. Features include:

  • Remote Arm/Disarm
  • Full System Status
  • Scenes and Automation
  • Simplified New User Access
  • Set Security Zones
  • Event-based or Continuous Recording of Video Activity


Remote Arming and Disarming
Remotely control your security system from anywhere at anytime. Arm your system later if you forget. Or disarm your system to allow someone you trust to gain access and secure it again immediately after they leave.

Full System Status
Stay aware of important activity at your property anytime, not just when there’s an emergency, with customizable text, push notifications and email alerts.


Scenes and Automation
With event or time based “Scenes” and “Automations,” your smarthome supports the way you want to live. Automatically adjust the entire atmosphere in your home based on your day to day routines. Lights, locks, garage doors and thermostats can adjust to greet you as you start your day or be prepared for when you return home in the evenings.


Simplified New User Access
Add new users with a few taps in the app. Allow full or limited control with selective access configuration. You even have the ability to establish temporary accounts for services companies, the babysitter or visiting family.


Alula Home Security Zone Configurations
Alula Connect+ provides maximizes the flexibility in managing security sensor behaviors.  Connect+ allows each zone to chime independently, change the conditions in which they will generate an alarm or even be bypassed for any specific arming activity.  


Video Monitoring
Alula video monitoring lets you easily watch live and recorded events from a mobile phone or computer. You can choose to receive notifications when motion is detected or leave the monitoring to the professionals, or both.


About Alula

Alula is the only security platform that delivers security simplified for independent security dealers and installers and the customers who rely on their service and expertise. Today, thousands of dealers across North America have over 250,000 active locations secured and connected with Alula. Designed for professional security professionals, the Alula platform provides a complete security, alarm, video and automation solution for renters, homeowners and commercial installations. Alula is a business-driven security platform designed to reduce truck rolls, increase RMR, simplify inventory and put dealers in control of their business, their customers and their revenue. The Alula platform is available nationwide through distributors that cater to the alarm and integrator industry. 


Media Contact:
Laura Cruz
Tenor PR for Alula
(917) 406-7517