M2M Services and Alula Join Forces to Redefine the Future of Smart Security Solutions

BOCA RATON, Fla / ST. PAUL, Minn. – (October 2, 2023) – We are pleased to announce the merger of M2M Services, an award-winning provider of universal alarm panel communicators, connectivity, and interactive services, with Alula, a leader in the smart security and Internet of Things (IoT) industries. Operating under the name M2M Services, the combined entity will leverage the strengths of both companies. The merger marks a significant achievement in the industry, creating a company with unrivaled products and services that cater to the ever-evolving demands of the smart security market and the professionals who serve it.

The combined companies will be led by Peter Tzvetkov, CEO of M2M Services. Dave Mayne, President of Alula, will lead North America operations and oversee global sales and marketing. Gregg Waldon, CFO of Alula, will manage financial operations for the combined business. The company will have US headquarters in St. Paul, Minnesota and global headquarters in Sofia, Bulgaria.

“This merger represents a strategic move to position ourselves as the premier market leader in the smart security industry,” said Peter Tzvetkov. “We are excited about the future and the offerings we’ll provide to both our current and prospective customers, making available unmatched security solutions that provide  peace of mind and seamless control over the connected environments they create and monitor.”

Dave Mayne stated, “The merger with M2M opens up new horizons for Alula as we combine our expertise to set new benchmarks for quality, engineering and innovative security offerings. Together, we are committed to empowering our customers with advanced technologies that redefine the way they protect what matters most.” Mayne continued, “As a combined business over 1.25 million rooftops will be actively using our service platform to protect their properties and add convenience to the lives of those residing and working there. We are committed to continued innovation around the connected security market.”

Key highlights of the merger include:

  1. Expanded Product Portfolio: The new business will offer an extensive range of smart security solutions that encompass cutting-edge hardware, services, and cloud-based technologies. Customers will enjoy an even broader array of products tailored to meet their unique security needs.
  2. Enhanced R&D Capabilities: By pooling research and development resources, the new M2M Services will accelerate the pace of innovation, creating new technologies that drive the industry forward and enhance the overall user experience.
  3. Unparalleled Expertise: The new M2M Services brings together a team of industry veterans and seasoned experts from both companies. This combined expertise will enable the company to address market challenges and anticipate future trends effectively.
  4. Customer-Centric Approach: Both M2M and Alula share a common commitment to exceptional customer service. As a merged entity, they will continue to prioritize customer satisfaction, offering responsive support and tailored solutions to meet individual needs.

Raymond James served as exclusive financial advisor on the transaction.


The new M2M Services will be a game-changer in the smart security industry, offering a comprehensive suite of communicators and IoT-enabled solutions that safeguard homes and businesses. By merging the strengths of M2M and Alula, the company will be positioned to deliver unmatched capabilities that redefine expectations and enhance the overall customer experience. Offering professional security providers options in smart security communications, comprehensive system solutions and security platform services is our specialty.



Alula’s award-winning security, automation and fire solutions are purpose-built for today’s independent security dealer and integrator professionals. Alula offers end-to-end alarm and interactive services, a mobile app, dealer portal, wireless security/smart system, universal communicators, translators, cameras, sensors and more. Alula’s mission is to provide differentiated security, automation and smart property solutions that help professional alarm dealers and integrators grow their business more profitably. For more information about Alula, visit https://alula.com/.



M2M Services is on a mission to accelerate the mass adoption of smart security worldwide through universal and affordable IoT solutions. The company creates simple, innovative and. dependable technology that helps alarm companies bring smart security to every household and business around the world. The company operates in more than 50 countries on 6 continents, serving over 10,000 businesses and impacting the daily lives of millions of end-users. For more information about M2M, visit https://m2mservices.com/




Alula, the leader in smart security and system communications for professional installers, announces a partnership with PLG Manufacturers Representatives (PLG) to further expand its footprint across Canada. The collaborative efforts will enable Alula to expand relationships and sales coverage for professional dealers, system integrators and distribution partners throughout Canada.

PLG provides its clients with full system design expertise in electronic security, audio/video and networking products for commercial, industrial and residential markets. The partnership will focus on expanding the knowledge of Alula’s products and services, including Connect+, BAT-Connect and BAT-Fire. The Connect+ panel and Alula’s alarm system communicators are designed for new installations, system upgrades and takeovers, and allow dealers to lessen the number of products they must carry in inventory. Additionally, a broadened understanding of Alula’s products and services will be paramount as Alula recently announced its new hybrid panel solution Connect-XiP.

“At Alula, we are committed to putting more feet on the street across the United States and Canada, ensuring we are closer to our customers,” said Matt Gehr, VP of Sales, Alula. “This partnership with PLG will be paramount in being able to leverage an industry-leading portfolio of smart intrusion products and services to their existing clients.”

Visit https://alula.com/contact-sales/ to find a local representative.

Alula Launches New Enhanced Video Platform

New camera models, AI-based object detection, Mobile app enhancements and more!

St. Paul, Minn. – April 22, 2022 – Alula, the leader in smart security and system communications for professional installers, today announced the release of its powerful new video platform. Featuring new camera models, AI-based object detection, enhancements to video clip navigation and viewing in the Alula Smart Security App and advanced video capabilities through the new Slimline Touchpad PRO. These new products and capabilities strengthen the role that video plays as a core component of professional security, and further reinforces Alula’s position as a full service solutions provider.

Three new cameras have been added to Alula’s video portfolio. The first is a modern, industrial designed Outdoor Bullet – perfect for viewing porches, alleyways, backyards and more. The second is a smart Doorbell camera with robust and simplified aesthetics, improved motion detection algorithms, and active motion highlighting. The final model is the Indoor 360, featuring responsive pan-tilt operation for broad viewing coverage. All three cameras deliver a high definition viewing experience, motion detection, extended Wi-Fi range and night vision to help users see what’s going bump in the night.

The Outdoor Bullet camera, specially equipped with AI object detection, allows the camera to differentiate between vehicles, people, pets and other objects. System owners will appreciate that they are able to see more while capturing less, as AI object detection filters out “motion noise” and intelligently captures clips of desired activity – such as a child returning home from school or a potential unknown intruder.

With Alula’s Smart Security App, individual camera settings can be adjusted so that system notifications are sent to system users when specific motion activity occurs. App enhancements for navigating stored video clips make it easier for users to find and view clips that were captured at a specific date and time.

Alula’s new video platform can be used in multiple ways. It can be used as part of a more comprehensive smart security system when used in conjunction with the Connect+ control panel. It can be paired with the BAT-Connect alarm panel communicator, on new system installations or on legacy panels that may be in need of a feature refresh. It can also be used as a standalone video surveillance system, which is important for dealers and integrators who are looking for a way to get their foot in the door with consumers and small business owners that may initially only be interested in video services.

“If you need another reason to take a serious look at Alula’s new video platform, consider our newest system control interface – the Slimline Touchpad PRO,” said Corey Plender, Alula’s Vice President, Product Management & Customer Success. “These new cameras and our new touchpad have been purposely integrated to deliver an enhanced customer experience.”

The new touchpad brings these cameras to life by enabling users to monitor live or recorded video on a 7-inch, full color display. The Touchpad PRO plays an audible chime when the doorbell is activated. It also enables two-way conversation with visitors through the new Doorbell camera, or with people in various locations throughout the property with the Indoor 360 camera.

“The advances we’ve achieved with this new video platform are just the beginning,” Plender said. “We are working on intelligent processing that will allow us to combine the AI detection capabilities of these new cameras with our sensor technology. Using the video information and sensor activity together, will allow us to tell a more complete story of what’s going on inside of a home or business. These elements will all be brought together to further evolve the video verification experience.” 

Visit alula.com/cameras to learn more about Alula’s new cameras or alula.com/slimline-touchpad for more information about the Slimline Touchpad PRO.


Alula’s fire, security and home automation solutions are purpose-built for today’s independent security dealer and integrator professionals. Alula offers end-to-end alarm and interactive services, a mobile app, dealer portal, wireless security/smart home system, universal communicators, translators, cameras, sensors and more. Alula’s mission is to provide differentiated security, automation and smart property solutions that help professional alarm dealers and integrators grow their business more profitably.


For more information about Alula, visit https://alula.com/


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Alula Launches BAT-Fire Universal 5G-ready Fire Communicator.

Versatile new communicator offers reliability, easy installation and universal FACP support

St. Paul, Minn. – December 7, 2021 – Alula, the leader in smart security and system communications for professional installers, today introduced BAT-Fire, an innovative universal 5G-ready fire communicator for system integrators requiring an all-purpose, full-featured device. BAT-Fire builds on Alula’s long history of developing award-winning products and services. 

BAT-Fire offers easy configuration and support of all fire alarm control panels using dial-capture to report Contact ID signals, or flexible inputs for interfacing with dialer-less FACPs. Simply connect the communicator via its dual Tip & Ring Dial Capture, configure the panel and the system is ready to go. The new communicator provides sole path cellular (LTE-M) and IP or dual path communications. 

Previously, you may have needed one communicator for cellular communications and another for ethernet,” said Dave Mayne, Alula’s senior vice president, product and marketing. “Both are always available on BAT-Fire, and you can turn the cellular radio on or off if desired, something other communicators can’t do.”

BAT-Fire’s four programmable inputs or outputs allow monitoring of auxiliary building systems, such as the HVAC and sprinkler flow control, for increased RMR opportunities. There’s no need to redo battery calculations, as the new communicator is powered off the panel, using less current and eliminating the need for a different power supply or a bigger or secondary battery. 

BAT-Fire features remote troubleshooting and diagnostics. It also comes with Alula’s industry best Five-Year Warranty, so you can feel confident that your investment is well protected.

“We took our time designing BAT-Fire to meet the needs of a proven, mature and established market,” Mayne said. “BAT-Fire offers features that help reduce the total cost of ownership and reduce the complexity of fire communicator  installations. Plus, with 5G capability, it eliminates typical hassles associated with cellular sunsets.” 

The BAT-Fire is now available through security and electrical distributors that carry Alula products.

Alula’s fire, security and home automation solutions are purpose-built for today’s independent security dealer and integrator professionals. Alula offers end-to-end alarm and interactive services, mobile app, dealer portal, wireless security/smart home system, universal communicators, translators, cameras, sensors and more. Alula’s mission is to provide differentiated security, automation and smart property solutions that help professional alarm dealers and integrators grow their business more profitably. The BAT-Fire communicator is available nationwide through distributors catering to the fire alarm and integrator industry. Click here for more information about BAT-Fire. For more information about Alula, visit https://alula.com/

Alula Launches A Builder Program Offering Unequaled Flexibility To Alarm System Integrators

Alula, the leader in smart security and automation systems for professional installers, today launched the Builder Program, an industry-leading program for professional smart home security integrators who work with residential homebuilders. This program provides the flexibility and cost structure alarm dealers and residential integrators need to grow their business, while delivering the technology new homebuyers demand.

“Throughout the creation of this program we talked to a lot of alarm dealers across the U.S. about their ideal solution for the new construction market,” explained Brian McLaughlin, CEO at Alula. “The number one thing they asked for was the ability to design packages specifically for the homebuilders they work with. Our program does just that. We provide solutions and leave it up to the integrator to customize a unique package that works for their builders. It’s by far the most flexible, cost-effective program available in the industry.”

Unlike other programs that require dealers to work with multiple suppliers for hardware and services, Alula offers an integrated solution that covers the complete experience. Because of this, Alula is able to offer hardware packages at everyday low prices and then add prepaid service plans that fit the needs of each integrator. In addition to providing the complete hardware and service solution, Alula also provides sales and marketing assets to help alarm dealers sell the value of offering a smart home experience to new homebuyers.

“A key differentiator of the Alula Builder Program is how we’re going to market. Alula is launching this program to our professional dealer partners,” McLaughlin added. “We’re remaining true to Alula’s brand by putting our dealer partners first and allowing them to customize smart home packages that work for their builder customers. Other programs in this space bypass the residential integrator and engage directly with the homebuilder.”

Four standard service plans, ranging from 12-months to the lifetime of the original homeowner, are available. Service plans include smart device control and automation (lights, thermostats, door locks, and more), live video viewing and local alarm. Alarm dealers can work with builders and homeowners to add additional services, capabilities and hardware.

Additional core benefits of the Alula Builder Program include:

  • Versatility: One panel for automation, video and security
  • Customization: Select the kit that works best for the homebuilder’s needs
  • Cost-Efficiency: Save with model home discounts, remote service activation and cellular communication on-demand
  • Flexibility: Alula’s platform covers wireless and hardwired applications
  • A Dynamic App: Alula’s mobile app automatically configures itself based on the services to which a homeowner has subscribed

“Having smart home security technology installed in new construction is no longer considered an upgrade — homebuyers expect these tech features in their new homes,” said Rob Bowlin, President of Quantum Security. “We’re installing smart lights, door locks, cameras and security devices throughout the home. The great thing about the Alula program is that we can use the same equipment for automation as we do for security. Plus, the Alula platform gives us the ability to remotely activate new features, which significantly reduces costs typically incurred on return trips.”

The Alula Builder Program is available to all Alula dealers. To learn more about the Program, visit www.alula.com/builder.

About Alula

Alula is the leading all-in-one security and home automation platform, purpose-built for today’s independent security and installation professionals. From panel to communicators and sensors to the industry’s fastest network, Alula offers a complete, end-to-end solution and one accountable partner. Today, thousands of alarm dealers and integrators across North America have nearly 400,000 active locations connected and secured with Alula. Designed for professionals, the Alula platform provides a complete security, automation and video solution for renters, homeowners and commercial installations. Alula is a business-driven platform designed to reduce truck rolls, increase RMR, simplify inventory and put today’s professional providers in control of their business, their customers and their revenue. The Alula Builder Program is available to professional installers in the U.S., Canada and Australia. For more information about Alula, visit http://www.alula.com. For information about becoming an Alula partner, visit https://alula.com/advantage/.


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