July 15 2019 – BAT-Connect Release Notes

Congratulations on your purchase, and welcome to the world of BAT-Connect!

Some tips for a successful install:

  • Ensure your Alula app is updated to the most recent release
  • Build the account, with the panel’s master code assigned to the main user
  • Complete required panel programming
  • Assign hardware, and wire up the communicator before powering up device
  • Consult product manual for wiring diagrams

Panel Compatibility at Launch (7/15/19)

  • Honeywell:
    • Vista 15, 20P, 21IP, and Safewatch Pro 3000
  • DSC:
    • Powerseries PC580, PC1555, PC5010, PC5020, PC1616, PC1832, PC1864
    • Not compatible with DSC Neo

Panel Compatibility and Feature Road-map

  • Interlogix:
    • NX, Concord – Q4 2019
  • Napco:
    • Gemini – Q1 2020
  • Home Automation – Late Q3
  • Touchpad Support – Early Q4

For additional support, feel free to call our Tech Support Team at 1-888-88-Alula (1-888-882-5852)

Stay tuned for more updates!