Partner Webinar with Alula’s CEO

In this webinar, Alula CEO Brian McLaughlin offers a State of the Union address, providing insight into Alula’s roadmap, business moves and where we see the security industry heading in 2020 and beyond.

BAT-Connect and Slimline Touchpad Updates

This webinar covers the new functionality on BAT-Connect and Slimline Touchpad made available in our most recent firmware push, as well as what to expect from the next firmware push in a couple weeks.

Cellular Sunset Webinar by Alula

Sunsetting means that a mobile network carrier shuts down an aging cellular network infrastructure required to operate CDMA or GSM devices.

It’s no secret that mobile network providers are sunsetting old networks But the big questions on the minds of security dealers: What does the cellular sunset mean for my company’s strategy and overall success? Learn about this and more on our sunset webinar.

Connect+ Webinar from Alula

Choice can be overwhelming. There are a lot of security solutions on the market and some don’t play nice together. How can you be assured that the hub you choose will work with the network as well as a third-party app – or multiple apps, one each for video, security, and automation?

When something goes wrong, who is responsible for fixing it? Wouldn’t it be nice if a company provided a one-stop shop to get a fully integrated security, automation and video experience?

That’s why Alula created Connect+. In this webinar, we will discuss this complete interactive security, automation and video platform designed to reduce installation time and scale with your business. Easy to install, Connect+ is a modular system that lets you control your cost basis while providing the benefits of vertical integration to you and your customers.

Learn about the latest upgrades to the award-winning Connect+ platform, including CAT-M1, Slimline Touchpad, and video display on touchpads.

Cameras and Video Webinar by Alula

In this webinar, we discuss options for home surveillance capabilities and how cameras and video are changing the face of security.

Alula App Webinar

This webinar walks you through the Alula App and includes a live demo of the Alula App on both cell phone and touchpad.

Connect Family webinar

This webinar covers the entire Connect Family of products, from Connect+ to BAT-Connect, Video Doorbell, AlulaConnect and more.

Supercharge Your Marketing webinar

This webinar introduces Alula’s new tagline (“Professional Smart Security”), shows off Alula’s new website ( and goes over Alula’s new Partner Program and Partner Resource Center.

From BAT-LTE to BAT-Connect

The next generation of communicators is here, and it’s the last one you will ever need. Following up the success of the tremendously popular BAT-LTE, Alula BAT-Connect has the same features installers know and love, but adds capabilities that will modernize any system takeover.

In this webinar, we will look at how BAT-Connect carries forward the legacy of BAT-LTE as well as new features like the sleek 7” Slimline Touchpad, optional home automation, easier remote servicing through the AlulaConnect portal, and more.