Connect+ quickly matches the different needs of your accounts to complete your services package.

Adapt to win

Every property owner has different needs, this is why Connect+ was engineered to put you in control.


Tailor the panel on-site to reduce equipment and service costs, or get it fully loaded for the ultimate easy button.  


Connect+ is an IP-first wireless hub, easily modified to add 4G/5G cellular alarm reporting, Wi-Fi™, Z-Wave, Touchpads or translators for takeovers. 

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IP-first, backed by the best cellular.

Connect+ is the only Security Hub to incorporate CAT-M1 cellular technology. 

This increases range where cellular signal strengths are weak in a building or the internet is spotty. The CAT-M1 cellular expansion card is perfected to communicate with 4G LTE and pending 5G networks from AT&T and Verizon.  

Connect+ is Alula’s flagship smart home security panel, designed to wirelessly merge alarm monitoring, video cameras and home automation devices into a reliable and secure control center.

FailSafe™ Alarm Reporting

Today’s property owners prefer an entry delay for disarming their security systems, but this brief time can also be exploited by crafty burglars who quickly find and destroy security panels during break ins. 

On most systems, disabling the panel will cancel an intrusion alarm signal before it’s sent. Alula’s advanced security network stops burglars looking to exploit a known weak point with a persistent Connect+ health check called FailSafe™.

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A smart, new approach for security pros.

Put your security business back in control with Connect+. With one device, Alula’s flagship security, video and automation hub gives you the flexibility regular security panels just can’t deliver.


Don’t leave your customers in the dark ages with a security-only system, provide the in-demand services that create lasting, satisfied customers. 

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Trusted hardware driven by intuitive mobile controls

Alula simplifies installation use and maintenance for the security professional.