Marketing 101 – Start with the basics

Marketing offers dealers powerful tools to gain new customers and expand services to existing clientele. It doesn’t have to cost much (if anything), except for some planning and time.

In this multi-part blog, I’ll look at different ways to make a positive impression on homeowners and renters throughout your service area. I know some of our dealers are already running successful multi-media marketing programs. Others are a little more hesitant, but there are opportunities for everyone.


Educate Existing Customers

Don’t overlook your existing customer base. These people are already on your radar. Make sure they know all the services you can provide and outline the benefits of those services. Each contact is an opportunity to educate them about home security and evolving smart home services. This takes a little finesse. There is a fine line between providing valuable information and overselling.

One way to walk that line is to develop a virtual flyer that can be emailed with an invoice or the more traditional approach of leaving behind a one-page handout. This lets customers look over the offered products and services and reach out with questions.

Also, remember we can help you customize the Alula app and Slimline Touchpad with your own logo. It means every time your customer uses the app, they will associate it with you and your business.



Looking for new customers? One of the first places to find them is through your existing customers. Word-of-mouth is one of the most powerful marketing tools available. And there are ways you can make it easier for your current customers to spread the word.

One of the best ways to get recommendations from your customer base is by providing excellent service. That seems obvious, but sometimes it’s easy to take your eye off the ball. Apple, Trader Joe’s, Nordstrom and Rackspace have made their reputations off superior customer service. Make sure great customer service is baked into your process. Emphasize it in your trainings and make it a key part of your job evaluations. Customer service should be top of mind for everyone in your workplace – from the person answering the phone to the sales team and the owner or general manager. Look at each customer as a walking advertisement for your business. Building a quality reputation is like money in the bank.



Make it even easier for your customers to recommend you by offering a cash reward or discount on monthly services for each referral. 

And while we’re talking about incentives don’t forget your employees. Offer a bonus for anyone bringing in new business. That means the sales team and anyone from installers to office support staff. Recognize team members who are helping you grow.


Up Your Community Profile

Take a higher profile in the community you serve. People like to support their local businesses. Let them know who you are by working in their neighborhoods. Ask your team to pick a good community cause and donate time. Work with schools, youth organizations, houses of worship or charities in the area. 

Food drives, park/beach clean-ups and school repair events can up your profile in the community, and they’re also great team-building and feel-good activities for your employees. Put on your company logo shirts and remember to take lots of photos. They can be used for office decorations, newsletters, social media, and even the local newspaper. We’ll talk about this more in the second blog of our marketing series. 

Sponsorships & donations are another way to become more well known in the community. Youth sports teams and school fundraisers are inexpensive ways to get your name in front of more people in the area. 

These are just a few ideas just to get you started. I’m sure you’ll think of many more projects appropriate for your community. 

Next up, we’ll look at websites and social media.

Alula Marketing 101

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