John Bazyk is President and Chief Executive Officer of Command Corporation, a Connecticut-based integrator bringing intuitive security systems to home and small businesses throughout the Northeast. For the first 30+ years in business, Command Corporation served thousands of larger retail operations. About five years ago, Bazyk decided to diversify and acquire alarm companies with large residential and small-business customers in New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

The new accounts require a different approach to security. Bazyk, an Alula Pro member, discusses why he chooses Alula products for his residential and small business customers.

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Following the Advanced Lock and Alarm acquisition in New Hampshire and DAS in Massachusetts, Command Corporation inherited thousands of control panels from various manufacturers. The company needed a platform capable of working with virtually any system. Bazyk knows the Connect+ platform from Alula provides the highest degree of flexibility and customization. WHYCHOOSE ALULA? Increase profitability with simplified service fees that are easy for everyone to understand Delight customers with convenient app control of security and automation Save time and money with equipment that’s fast and easy to install Secured by (800) 851-6012

“Using Connect+ systems and the Alula app, our customers control the full range of Alula products, including home automation, security sensors, and cameras,” says Bazyk. “The Connect+ panel enables our technicians to quickly take over new accounts without the need to rip and replace entire systems.”

Another Connect+ benefit is its ease of installation. In most cases, technicians are in and out of a home within an hour. Customers receive a wireless 5G-ready panel (preventing the need for replacement with the inevitable 4G sunset) capable of dual-path communications.

While in customers’ homes, Advanced Lock & Alarms’ commissioned technicians have a chance to sell cameras, Bazyk says. “It’s an easy sell because so little labor is involved in adding a Wi-Fi camera.”


In 2020 and 2021, Command Corporation saw significant supply chain issues with some of Alula’s competitors as the 3G sunset approached quickly. “We had thousands of sunset radios that needed replacement –fast,” Bazyk says.

He replaced all older radios with the universal 5G-ready Alula BAT-Connect communicator. “We had no trouble getting the units, and Alula’s $99 service credit helped us keep the replacement costs reasonable.”

Bazyk also likes the award-winning Alula App, which enables the end user to control home and small business security and automation systems from a single mobile phone app. The brandable app allows Command Corporation to remind users of their security dealer when they control their systems. The Alula Connect dealer portal also provides insights about how customers use their systems, which is valuable information for Bazyk in an everchanging technology-based business.

“It’s one platform for our technicians to deal with,” he says. “In most cases, we already have the programming information from the panels, as they are on our systems. And our customers are getting panel bus control through the Alula app, which they didn’t have before. That’s a huge deal.”


Bazyk says Command Corporation installs BAT-Fire, a universal 5G-ready fire communicator, for many small business customers. “Alula built BAT-Fire correctly with two RJ phone jacks and two terminal blocks for the tip and ring dial capture. That makes installation faster. If a technician has a fire panel with an existing phone cord, he just plugs it in. If the panel lacks a cord, he uses the terminal blocks.” www.alula.comThe time needed to get BAT-Fire running on the Alula backend is also “very, very fast,” he says. “The BAT Fire works great to take over almost any commercial fire alarm panel.”


Recurring revenue is important for dealers, says Bazyk. Alula shows its understanding of RMR with simplified service pricing. “Alula’s competitors have convoluted pricing models, and it’s hard for technicians and salespeople to understand these complicated schedules. Alula has simple charges that everyone in our company can understand, making selling add-on services easier.  Also, we’re more profitable because we’re not being nickeled and dimed for every little feature from Alula.”


Bazyk has dealt with many manufacturers during his career. He appreciates the quality products that Alula builds, the ease of back-end programming and even the simple packaging. For example, Alula transmitters and sensors come preassembled –unlike some competitors –reducing installation time “exponentially.”

“Pulling transmitters out of the packaging that many of Alula’s competitors use, assembling them, and then dealing with the trash makes the installation time much longer than it should,” he says.

It’s also easy to train technicians on the Alula infrastructure. “Our technicians can fully install systems in two hours, no problem. You can do three or more installs a day at that rate.”

Bazyk recommends Alula for any residential and SMB dealer. “When you use Alula, you know everything works.”

John Bazyk - command corp

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