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A seamlessly integrated app combining security, video and automation on a lightning-fast, encrypted network.

One app. Complete control.

The Alula Smartphone App gives your customers direct access to their security, staying more connected to what matters most. Everywhere. Every time.

Multiple apps might have been fine in the early days, but for a smart home to work properly you need to integrate intrusion security with video and home automation all in one place.

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Greet house guests from the phone, foil a porch pirate…you get the picture. From anywhere.


See what you’ve been missing. Indoor and outdoor cameras complete your system.


View every device on the network, see and control each camera. The interface mirrors the Alula App.


Compact, wireless, long-range sensors install without drilling, setup the security envelope quickly.


Give a view on every room. Ignores pet movement and scans for every bump in the night.


Ultra-reliable, Multi-role sensors protect against carbon monoxide, fire and water damage.


Protection beyond a front door. Add early warning zone for long driveway, outbuilding or pool gate.


Durable tilt sensors tell when someone left the garage door up.

Works Better Together


  • Customized dashboard: Users select the sensors, cameras and automation devices they want to see on their home screen.
  • Group by area: Rather than individual sensors and cameras, organizing them by location can really bring the room together.
  • Easy to operate: Your customers can add or change user and customize camera settings right in the app, without a service call.
  • Smarter automation: The Alula App can easily enroll smart lights, locks and thermostats. If it’s Z-Wave™ Plus, it’s compatible.

App Capabilities


  • Remotely arm/disarm security
  • Full sensor status and bypass
  • Notifications how your customer wants them
  • Controls smart lights, locks and thermostats
  • Program if/then home automation routines
  • Live video viewing and clips organized by calendar
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Hack Protection


Lockdown network encryption keeps your customers’ security systems and personal data private. We’re not listening in like big tech, we focus on the connected devices that keep them safe – more peace of mind for you and your customers.


Your customers can stay on top of activity at their property at any time – not just in an emergency – with customizable text, video, push notifications and email alerts.

Dedicated Network

The Alula Network is purpose-built for speed and security. Our dedicated network servers as the backbone of our powerful platform.

  • Internet Structured Design

  • Geographic Diversity

  • Multiple Redundant Elements

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    Private Cellular Connections

Faster than a speeding bullet

Real-time notifications: The Alula App delivers notifications in real time, to any iOS or Android smartphone. 


No waiting: No one wants to stand in the rain watching a spinning wheel while the phone tries to signal a smart lock.


38 Milliseconds Fast:  Alula’s encrypted security platform responds 10 times faster than the blink of an eye.