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Alulas dealers have two types of users for to manage access to AlulaConnect.com. When creating a user select between the two user types that suite the access required for each login. 

Dealer Users – This type of user can be customized with appropriate permissions for the access they require. By default the user reflects the same permission as the original user created for the dealership. To limit this users access you can Manage Permissions of a selected user. Removing specific permissions will hide menus from he left hand side that this user cannot access and edit.

Technician Users – This user type has limited search options and requires that the user knows the Device MAC address and the Customer Account Number or last four of the central station account number. Once a Technician User searches for this they can only view that single Device. Once they are accessing that account they have the same permissions to device programming or user changes that a Dealer User would.

All Users are able to subscribe to Alula Service Status Updates via email. 

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