Alula Marketing VP Brad LaRock featured in SDM

Alula Marketing VP Brad LaRock is featured in SDM magazine’s new “State of the Market” report for 2020.

LaRock comments on the Interlogix shutdown at the end of 2019 and the opportunities it opened up for innovation.

Brad LaRock, vice president of marketing at Alula, an all-in-one security and home automation platform based in St. Paul, Minn., says 2019 was a year of transition, partially due to big companies such as Interlogix closing their doors.

Alula took advantage of the instability by creating new solutions, such as the Connect-XT, which helped professional installers upgrade Simon panels after the Interlogix shutdown.

“Innovations like this led to over 50 percent growth in activations for Alula Interactive,” LaRock says.

LaRock also discussed how Covid-19 has led to a surge in partner wishing to offer a customer-installed do-it-with-me solution.

Alula has seen increased interest in adoption of its pro-guided, contactless install model since the pandemic started.

“The industry had already started dipping a toe in self-install models to compete with big tech DIY brands, but with the sudden onset of social distancing, we expect this trend to markedly accelerate with every company exploring new ways to reach customers without face-to-face exposure,” LaRock says.

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