Alula Releases Ultimate Alarm System Takeover Solution, BAT-Connect Communicator

With the new offering, security and automation partners can easily upgrade millions of legacy alarm systems to add video and automation while delivering a modern, app-driven user interface

ST. PAUL, MN – APRIL 5, 2019 –Alula, the leader in smart security and automation systems for professional installers and the award-winning inventors of the Connect+ Platform, announced today the release of the BAT-Connect Communicator, a device that easily upgrades legacy security platforms and modernizes the mobile experience.

Beyond solving the looming problem of the CDMA network sunset, the intuitive BAT-Connect device smartly bridges intrusion security, video and automation with the Alula iOS or Android App to give security professionals a path to instantly modernize their customers’ experience. Powered by the encrypted, lightning-fast Alula network, system control is delivered instantly to the smart devices that customers already use and love. Upgrading aging security systems will enable dealers to increase recurring monthly revenue and retain more accounts. Because BAT-Connect uses IP as its first form of communication with cell as an optional backup, it doesn’t have the same vulnerability to sunsets as cell-only communicators.

“Our progressive partners are seeking efficient and cost-effective solutions to take over legacy systems that require an upgrade,” said Brian McLaughlin, CEO of Alula. “The BAT-Connect combines the latest cellular, Ethernet and Wi-Fi technologies into one device, delivering the most innovative and versatile communicator in the industry.”

With the new communicator, professional security and automation providers will cut install time and simplify operations as they streamline their takeover business. BAT-Connect offers the same tools and app-driven interface popularized by the Connect+ panel, providing one unified solution for both new installs and takeovers.

With broad support for common panels, BAT-Connect auto-links to Honeywell Vista and DSC PowerSeries. Updates planned for 2019 include added support for Interlogix NX, Simon and Napco Gemini panels[1]. With the simple-to-install BAT-Connect, security dealers have an easy upgrade for 15 million compatible security systems online today.

Three paths of Wide-Area Network (WAN) connectivity ensure the system never goes offline. The BAT-Connect links to the robust Alula network using Ethernet, Wi-Fi or LTE cellular. The WiFi radio connects directly to a broadband router and also creates a Wi-Fi access point for the Alula touchpad, enabling security and automation professionals to appeal to today’s customers by upgrading legacy keypads inside the home.

With the new era of 5G upon us, the BAT-Connect is a future-proof communicator for system takeovers. To access cellular communication, BAT-Connect leverages the common 4G LTE Network. It is also compatible with planned 5G network specifications.

“Alula has 12 years of innovating alarm communicators,” said Dave Mayne, VP–Product Management for Alula. “We’ve learned that staying ahead of change–like the coming cellular sunset–positions both security professionals and their customers for long-term success. Change is coming, but the Internet is not going to sunset.”

Other features of the new communicator include:

  • Takeover with Home Automation:  The BAT-Connect allows professional installers the ability to upgrade the services they offer to include home automation. With an optional Z-Wave™ card, dealers can quickly add automated lights, locks, thermostats, garage door controllers or thousands of other Z-Wave certified devices.
  • Video-Ready: Like all Alula offerings, BAT-Connect is compatible with the Alula video services platform. This allows security professionals to offer the most popular security system upgrade: video. Easy to drive and immersive control is enabled through the Alula App, available for iOS and Android devices. New service subscriptions drive down attrition rates and increase RMR.
  • Integrated smart home UI application:  The BAT-Connect delivers a panel-like user interface, with Alula App and touchpad controls similar to Connect+. Learning one app experience for both takeovers and new installs streamlines business operations and simplifies training and set-up. Security and automation professionals can learn and teach one application.
  • Modernize outdated security panels:  Professional partners that add cellular or IP communicators to existing panels are often forced to leave an ancient LED keypad on the wall as the primary in-home user interface. With Alula, controls are made contemporary and portable, instantly modernized with BAT-Connect. The high-tech Alula 7” Touchpad can be used as a new user control inside the home. Future releases are on tap for BAT-Connect, linking the keypad without having to join the customer’s Wi-Fi network.

About Alula

Alula is the only vertically integrated security and home automation platform purpose-built for today’s independent security and installation professionals. From sensors to hub to network, Alula offers a complete, end-to-end solution and one accountable partner. Today, thousands of partners across North America have nearly 300,000 active locations secured and connected with Alula. Designed for professionals, the Alula platform provides a complete security, automation and video solution for renters, homeowners and commercial installations. Alula is a business-driven platform designed to reduce truck rolls, increase RMR, simplify inventory and put today’s professional providers in control of their business, their customers and their revenue. The Alula platform is available nationwide through distributors that cater to the alarm and integrator industry. For more information about the BAT-Connect Communicator, visit . For more information about Alula, visit

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