Dealer FAQ

Why did we change the company name?

Since the acquisition of ipDatatel and Resolution Products we have continued to do business under our old brands, with the intention of developing a new name for the integrated company.  With the integration complete, we are ready to launch under a new name.


What is the new name?


Why did you choose Alula?

  • Sets us apart as fresh, modern, innovative, and fun
  • Clearly signals  that we are a new company with an expanded mission
  • Memorable “palindrome” – spelled the same backwards and forwards
  • Real word – Alula is a part of a birds wing which enables flight


What is the new company position and expanded market opportunity?

Alula is dedicated to making smart security simple for professional dealers. We help dealers grow their business with a modern and simplified security platform which expands their reach, allowing dealers to win against often unreliable consumer off-the-shelf solutions through a simple, professional, yet easy-to-install approach.


Have the product names changed?

  • Yes, there are two main name changes:
    • Our Helix wireless security platform has been renamed as Connect+ product family –  based on the integration of ipDatatel monitoring network and the Resolution Products Helix data panel
    • Our SecureSmart app will be re-launched as Alula and will include new features not found in SecureSmart.
    • SecureSmart will continue to be made available and will continue to be fully supported
  • All product SKU’s will remain unchanged.
  • While some sensors have simpler names, the product ordering codes are the same, so ordering should be simple.
  • Products that are not compatible with the Alula network are now sold as part of the Resolution product family, but again product ordering codes remain the same.


Will the product look change?

  • The product panels, communicators  and sensors are unchanged.
  • We are rolling out our new names and brand look on  applications, portals and packages.

Where can I learn about the new brand?

  • Visit our new website
  • Read the Press Release here
  • Contact your Alula representative
  • Call us 1-888-88-ALULA


Is changing?

  • No, you can still go to  You can also login at

How are we communicating the new name and brand?

  • See us at ISC West on April 11, booth 22059
  • Online and printed advertisements
  • New merchandising look at distributors
  • Ongoing  campaigns and events

Does this change how I do business with you?

  • Phone numbers and addresses remain the same
  • Our emails are changing to, but our old emails addresses will continue to work for months.
  • ipDatatel and Resolution Products are now Alula, and all agreements remain the same
  • Our finance department will notify your finance department regarding any changes now or in future to bill paying or invoicing

How can I get help get the Alula news out?


  • Post the press release and link to on your website, and LinkedIn and Facebook pages!



If you have any questions or comments please contact us