Eliminate Truck Rolls with Connect+

The Technology Services Industry Association reports that the average truck roll costs approximately $1,000. As a security dealer, you’ll lose money on usage costs like fuel, maintenance and general owner expenses. Truck rolls incur needless costs for extra labor when technicians are sent out to handle minor issues with an alarm systems. They also mean that fewer income-producing activities (IPAs) are completed for your business. This cycle can become a big time and income waster for your dealership. Thankfully, security is simplified with the Connect+ alarm solution. This effectively eliminates truck rolls in your dealership with the Connect+ from Alula.

Eliminate Truck Rolls

With Connect+, you can significantly decrease service costs. Remote panel programming helps to eliminate expensive truck rolls since time is a precious commodity for your business. You will stop wasting your time, your employee’s time and your customer’s time with the Connect+.
Connect+ provides superior security. It is moderately smaller in size than the Linux or Android operating systems. This ensures a reduced attack surface. With this innovative design, hackers will have a more difficult time breaching the system. There are less hassles with this system, too. The platform is designed to reduce vulnerabilities and enhance security compared to Android and Linux components that frequently require patching. Updating that firmware can be convoluted and frustrating. Firmware updates with Connect+ are simplified. As a dealer, you and your customers will not incur any additional update costs. Performance is optimized with quick and automatic firmware updates.

Beneficial User Features

Connect+ offers beneficial features such as simplified installation. A detailed instruction manual is available for download. The dual-path Wi-Fi Internet and Cellular alarm communicator utilizes the Verizon 4G LTE network. It has universal panel compatibility, and supported panels enable uploads and downloads.
The alarm can be remotely armed or disarmed through the user’s PC, tablet and smartphone. This remote access enhances user flexibility and maximizes security. Users have access to complete panel programming. They can view event logs and receive notifications via text, email or voicemail. The wireless range of the Helix is designed for up to 50 users in up to 96 zones. Security needs can be customized within that flexible range.
As a security dealer, your time is valuable. When you save money, those savings trickle down to your customers and to an increased profit margin for your business. You can stop wasting time on expensive truck rolls and unnecessary labor costs by using the SecureSmart Helix.