Check Out Our Superior Security Additions for the Connect+ Panel

Your customers deserve the best in home security. Our Connect+ Platform was designed to make life simpler for end users. Our user-friendly platform makes securing the home more convenient for your customers, making it a wonderful addition to a busy lifestyle.

We offer superior security additions for the Connect+ panel. We designed Cryptix Sensors that feature cutting-edge technology and provide extended battery life. Your customers will love the tamper-proof design and the reliability of the sensors when it comes to optimizing the security of the Connect+ panel.

PIR Motion Sensor

The passive infrared (PIR) PyroflexTM sensors have integrated HighBarTM signaling. Your customers will benefit from a 90-degree field of view within a 44-foot range. This is the perfect sensor for homeowners with pets. It features a Pet Immunity of up to 85 pounds.

Glass Break Sensor

Your customers can utilize this budget-friendly sensor to expand the monitoring space for the home. The sensor detects the sound of breaking glass from up to 425 feet away from the monitored window.

Nanomax Open/Close Sensor

Our Nanomax sensor is the most compact security transmitter on the market today. It expertly detects when windows and doors are opened and closed. If the magnet is moved away from the sensor or if the external contact is opened, then the alarm goes off.

Wireless Door/Window Sensor

This security transmitter offers superior wireless range and battery life. The sensor detects when doors and windows are opened and closed. When an external contact is opened, or the magnet is pulled away from the sensor, the alarm is signaled.

Flood & Temp Sensor

With the flood and temp environmental sensor, your customers can prevent freezing pipes in the home. The sensor detects extreme temperatures and flood conditions. Your customers can configure the sensor technology with trip points for customized high and low temperatures.

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