Tips for a Smooth 3G Transition

Yes, it looks like the sun is going to set on AT&T’s 3G network. Despite last-ditch efforts by the alarm community for an extension, the telecom behemoth looks ready to drop support for 3G and embrace 4G/5G as of the end of February 2022. Some in the security community are hopeful for a last-minute reprieve, but we advise our dealer/installer partners to take steps to do the necessary upgrades now. Remember, the Verizon 3G sunset is also just around the corner at the end of next year.

We are in the business of providing homes and businesses with life/safety products to protect people and property. If systems are not updated before the sunset, it could mean many services will shut down, leaving people vulnerable.

The good news is that we can help make the upgrade process easier for you and your customers. Our BAT-Connect universal communicator works with virtually any home/small business security panel – that means only one communicator for every upgrade. It is compatible with panels from Honeywell, DCS, Interlogix and NAPCO.

Benefits to your customers

The key to making it through any transition like an equipment sunset is communication. Getting the word out is the most important thing you can do right now. If you haven’t already started letting your customers know the change is coming, begin now. 

For many customers, the 3G transition to 4G LTE sounds like a jumble of acronyms. They may need you to explain it in simple terms. Make sure they understand why this change is happening and focus on the benefits to them. The 4G network is 20 times faster than 3G and 5G is even faster. For your customer, that means:

  • Increased bandwidth and speed — more information, more quickly
  • More reliable — fewer service interruptions
  • Greater flexibility — more devices such as video cameras can be added to the system without slowing down the network
  • Cost savings — our BAT-Connect upgrade will take the customer from 3G to 5G without an additional upgrade. And online service will be quicker and less costly.

Essentially it can give your customer a smarter, safer and more efficient home.

Getting the word out

Reaching out to your customers is a big job, but here are some tools at your disposal.

  • Use your website — Put up a page on the site fully explaining the 3G sunset and next steps. (This page will be a landing page you can link back to on any other correspondence.)
  • Send emails — Use your mailing list to send consistent emails to customers and link back to your website landing page.
  • Billing — When sending out billing information, be sure to add a paragraph on the 3G sunset. Again, link to your webpage.
  •  Use social media — Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are great tools for communicating. Develop posts with links aimed at educating your customers.
  • Newsletters — If you have a customer newsletter, add information on the transition.
  • Leave behinds — Develop a one-pager with information about the sunset. Anytime your team goes on a service call, they should leave this with the customer. Make sure to add an email, phone number or website for more information.

Good news is, our marketing team has developed many of these resources for you, they are white labeled and ready for your branding. Use the Partner Resource Center to download your curated content.

Remember, we’re here to help you through this transition. Stay tuned for more tips and advice over the next few months.