Video Automation. And then some.

Alula has just released an update to our intelligently unified platform that powerfully integrates home security, automation, and now video altogether in a seamless design.

We’ve elegantly enabled it to deliver the premium experience your consumers are looking for and have upgraded it to include important user controls.

Our “Calendar Access” is just one of the features that’s getting noticed. Let’s take a quick look!

Most of today’s platforms force you to continuously scroll through hundreds of clips to find a clip from just last week. With the Alula platform, you now can access the content you want by pressing on the calendar icon in the right-hand corner allowing you to easily search for video clips organized by date.

Even better, the Alula platform automatically captures video for 10 seconds before an event and continues recording for up to an additional 50 seconds after an event for any detected motion. If the motion continues beyond 60 seconds, a second clip will be registered keeping things organized and accessible.

Our approach to managing the content and making it ultra-accessible is just one of the many things we have built to simplify the experience the Alula way!

Ready to add video to your services? Connect with an Alula Expert today and request a demo of our powerful platform.