Alula Panels And Communicators Now Come With a US $99 Service Credit
Dealer’s net price.. 



$119.00 MSDP

Dealer’s net price.. 


Alula Bat Fire Commercial Fire Alarm


$174.50 MSDP

Dealer’s net price.. 
You Get



$75.00 MSDP

Service Credit
See distributor for pricing


Prices vary by kit or panel configuration

*Terms and conditions apply

$99 Service Credit Registration

Note: If you previously enrolled in our Sunset Program you are automatically enrolled and no further action is needed.

* Terms and Conditions:

  1. Reflects the net price after monthly service credits have been applied.
  2. Alarm dealer MUST select $99 Service Credit plan when enrolling device on AlulaConnect.
  3. Credit is applied when the device is activated on the Alula network.
  4. Available for all panel and communicator installations (new installations & upgrades).
  5. Available on MSDP, Silver and Gold level pricing. Not available on products purchased under SPR.
  6. Monthly credits applied as long as the device is in service, not to exceed $99 or 18 months from initial activation.
  7. $25 early termination fee for devices taken out of service prior to 36 months from initial activation (24 months for BAT-Fire).