Connect + Panel Includes a $66 Service Credit

on all Connect + Panel installations.  Includes kit or custom configurations.

Choose from one of our many kits to fit your needs.







$66 service credit is the equivalent of 12 Months Of FREE Alarm Signals and Interactive Control.

Connect +Configuration Chart

*Terms and conditions apply

$66 Service Credit Registration

Note: If you previously enrolled in our Sunset Program you are automatically enrolled and no further action is needed.

* Terms and Conditions:

  1. Alarm dealer MUST select $66 Service Credit plan when enrolling device on AlulaConnect.
  2. Credit is applied when the device is activated on the Alula network.
  3. Available for all panels (new installations & upgrades).
  4. Available on MSDP, Silver and Gold level pricing. Not available on products purchased under SPR.
  5. Monthly credits applied as long as the device is in service, not to exceed $66 or 12 months from initial activation.
  6. $25 early termination fee for devices taken out of service prior to 24 months from initial activation.