Alula Video Doorbell

With 1080P HD resolution and a zone-controlled motion sensor, Video Doorbell replaces any wired doorbell switch, giving instant visual access to a home or business.

A perfect pairing.


Video clips are securely stored in the cloud for retrieval at any time. Powered by the Alula ecosystem, the high-definition camera pairs simply with security and automation in one smart app.


30 million households want to buy a video doorbell this year. Are you ready for the demand? Step up to the pro-grade Alula Video Doorbell, and watch your RMR and customer satisfaction grow.

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Perfect views.

Video Doorbell captures every person or package at the threshold, thanks to it’s class-leading 180° vertical FOV. Two angle brackets come standard to professionally frame each doorstep. 

Never lose a clip.

With the Alula Network, clips are automatically saved to the cloud for instant recall. Video Doorbell also comes standard with a 16GB MicroSD card for redundant storage. 

Pro Tip


Alula’s cameras, including Video Doorbell, can be used as a standalone when customers don’t want a full intrusion security system.

Human motion capture.


Video Doorbell’s passive infrared motion sensor knows when a person approaches, sends a notification to the homeowner’s phone, and starts a recording 10 seconds ahead of the motion event. Each clip is saved to the Alula App calendar for on-demand recall. 


Does your Doorbell do that?

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Made for the extremes.


With an IP65 weatherproof rating, and an operating range of -20°F to 140°F, working in wet, inclement weather is standard operations. Lesser quality cameras from tech giants just quit in these conditions.


Alula’s Video Doorbell is pro-grade, designed and built to power through any storm.