Slimline Touchpad

Your unfair advantage, in full view.


Whether you like to adopt the newest tech or stick with legacy systems, one thing is certain – If you lose pace with market trends the competition will eat your lunch. This is why Alula invests in developing bleeding-edge security tech like the Slimline Touchpad, to give you an unfair advantage.

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The ultimate in-home control interface.


The Slimline Touchpad doesn’t rest on its stylish curves alone, it controls every aspect of a modern security system, delivering real-time, at-a-glance control of Video Cameras, Z-Wave devices and every intrusion and environmental sensor. Everything is instantly available on the vivid 7” touchscreen.

Takeover, with style.


Make old systems new by upgrading the in-home control interface. Pair the wireless Slimline Touchpad with a BAT-Connect Communicator to bring an old panel, and a house full of sensors back to life, or add it to a Connect+ Hub.


Whether you’re working on a new installation or a takeover, Slimline Touchpad has you covered.

Smarter than the average smarthome.


Alula created the entire platform, merging security, video and automation to single set of interactive controls. Like the Alula App, the slimline touchpad controls every Z-Wave device. Smartlocks, lights and thermostats are just a swipe and tap away.

Mount up. Or down. Or anywhere around.


Slimline includes a wall mount and a premium tabletop stand, giving you more flexibility. Battery-backed with a direct wire option, speedy installations are standard and bring the system in full view. The toughest choice may be what touchpad color best matches the décor.

Flat Mount has you covered.


Ancient keypads leave more than just a tired old look in home, they’re surrounded by paint lines. The Flat Mount Touchpad has a 9” x 5.5” footprint to cover the sins of old keypads, masking those unsightly screw holes. The low-profile Flat Mount has the same vivid 7” capacitive touchscreen as the Slimline Touchpad, controlling security, video and automation devices in an instant. Replaces an existing keypad location, works on 12V AC. Part# RE657F

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