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  • Have these tools on hand: Screwdriver, Wire Stripper, Cordless Drill, Level


  • Visit AlulaConnect.com
  • Sign in with your Access Code, Username and Password
  • Click “Add Customer Account”
  • Type user’s name and password for the app
  • Click on Account Devices in the menu
  • Click the “Add Hardware” button
  • Type in the MAC and CRC number

PRO-TIP: The MAC and CRC number are found inside the cover of the BAT-Connect.


  • Click on the device serial number
  • Input customer info for your records
  • Type in panel’s Central Station Account Number
  • Add customer phone number for Caller ID
  • Add device location

PRO-TIP: You will see “device appears to be offline” notification until BAT-Connect is installed and activated
Add the Master Code to the account


  • Enter panel programming mode using the installer code


PRO-TIP: Disarm all partitions of the system if they aren’t already. Disarm via DSC Keypad

  • Configure the panel
  • Exit programming mode
  • Disconnect the DSC battery
  • Unplug the transformer


  • Place near security panel
  • Mark the holes for drilling
  • Drill in mounting screw

PRO-TIP Be careful not to overtighten the center screw, which is a wall tamper


  • Connect green wire to BAT-Connect G IN
  • Connect yellow wire to BAT-Connect Y IN
  • Connect black wire to BAT-Connect GND
  • Connect red wire to BAT-Connect 12V
  • Connect red wire to BAT-Connect RING
  • Connect green wire to BAT-Connect TIP

PRO-TIP: DSC control panels require connection to panel bus and Tip & Ring. Tip & Ring should not be wired to BAT-Connect using the same multi-conductor cable as the panel BUS wiring. Tip & Ring should be in a separate cable.


  • Connect red wire to RED (positive)
  • Connect green wire to GRN (data in)
  • Connect yellow wire to YEL (data out)
  • Connect black wire to BLK (negative)
  • Connect red wire to terminal A (Ring)
  • Connect green wire to terminal B (Tip)


  • Reconnect the DSC battery
  • Plug in transformer

PRO-TIP: The DSC control panel will begin automatic configuration. Panel keypads will be unavailable during this time.
Confirm cellular LED and verify signal strength

  • Plug in Ethernet
  • Confirm Ethernet LED in on


  • Enable WPS on router
  • Press and hold WPS button
  • Wait for Wi-Fi LED flashes

PRO-TIP: If the Wi-Fi LED turns off after 3 minutes, then WPS was not successful.

  • Unplug the ethernet cable
  • After 1-2 minutes, the Wi-Fi LED will turn on

PRO-TIP: If WPS in unavailable, Wi-Fi credentials can be entered in AlulaConnect
Reconnect Ethernet cable


  • Close BAT-Connect cover
  • Open the Alula app on your phone
  • Arm and Disarm to confirm system is operational
  • Check event log on AlulaConnect to verify Central Station received signals

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