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Alula two-way support should be handled by the central station as an instant pstn two-way session. The sequence is as follows:

  1. Alula device (Connect+ or BAT Connect) detects an alarm event.
  2. Alula device, via Alula’s network, calls a pstn based central station receiver.
  3. Central station receiver answers pstn call.
  4. Central station receiver issues CID handshake sequence.
  5. Alula device sends CID alarm events to central station receiver.
  6. Central station receiver acks each CID alarm event.
  7. When all alarms events are transferred, Alula device sends a CID 606 (two-way voice to follow) event.
  8. Alula device remains on the phone line (for up to 3 minutes) waiting for the call to be transferred  to an operator.
  9. Once the call has been transferred to the operator, the operator controls the two-way session via dtmf commands.

Dtmf * begin session

Dtmf 1 talk to premise

Dtmf 2 vox (hands free)

Dtmf 3 listen to premise

Dtmf 99 hang-up


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