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BAT-Connect V0.1.22.0 Firmware Release Notes
Release for over the air update: 12/11/2020

  • Improved handling of Network Processor updates.

BAT-Connect V0.1.20.0 Firmware Release Notes
Release for over the air update: 10/14/2020


New Features:

  • Full interactive support for Napco GEM 800/801 panels.
  • Expanded support for DSC user management from Virtual Keypad. Up to 96 users.
  • Add Fire Trouble condition in panel status, used by Napco 800 and NX panels.
  • Additional support for Long Range Radio supervision which is required for uDownloader support of Vista 128 panels.
  • Added support for NAPCO panels duress code.
  • Vista – support for silent arming for Stay and Night levels from Touchpad.
  • DSC, Napco, Caddx – suppress Exit Delay beeps on Touchpad when silent arming is initiated from a native keypad.
  • Added additional Z-Wave scenes for door locks (keypad entry, manual, remote RF).


Bug Fixes:

  • Napco 816/1632 – improved handling of zone bypass.
  • DSC – Improved handling of disarming while in Exit Delay.
  • Resolved issue that would cause Cell and Z-Wave to show the same trouble condition when supervised.
  • Resolved issue causing a CS Comm Fail trouble to persist after it was restored.
  • Improved handling of Panel Type.
  • Various bugs with Scene triggers.
  • Resolved issue with door lock user codes.
  • Resolved issue with Optimize Z-Wave Network.



  • Improved handling of sessions ending, session timeout, and sync timing.
  • Added response to match BAT-LTE of unknown commands, and session complete for DSC.
  • Improved handling of multiple messages back to back on Honeywell.
  • Various bug fixes and enhancements.


BAT-Connect Main Processor V0.1.15.0 Firmware Release Notes

Bug Fixes:

  • Improves handling of BAT-Connect programming DSC panel when a local keypad has
    gone into programming mode. Resolves issue that could cause keypresses from multiple sources
    which would change programming fields unexpectedly.


BAT-Connect Main Processor V0.1.13.0 Firmware Release Notes

Special Note: This version will NOT release to units in the field automatically. Firmware updates will happen on first power up, power cycle, or Check For Firmware Updates command from AlulaConnect.com.

New Features:

  • Added interactive control for Napco GEM P816 and P1632. Event capture via telco.
    • Compatible with Touchpad version v.02.12.0 and later. Virtual Keypad and Ambush code support in future BAT Connect release.
  • Disabled Interface Supervision is default. Devices with supervision enabled will get disabled. Supervision can be manually enabled.
  • Improvements to WiFi handling.
  • Comm test event (358) sent for daily interface troubles/restorals. Previously expansion module (333).
  • Improved handling of Update LED status.
  • Improved handling of remote Factory Default command.
  • Allow 49 sub-users for “unknown” panel types.
  • Increased Touchpad enrollment mode to 5 minutes. Previously 1 minute.



  • Updates to triggers in Scenes.
  • New Feature: Z-Wave Network Health – continuously checks all Z-Wave devices in the background for signal strength and attempts to correct errors.
  • Resolved issue with delays from LUX brand thermostats.
  • Resolved issues writing user codes to Shlage door locks supporting Security S2.


Bug Fixes:

  • Resolved issues that would suppress duplicate signals from Vista panel with no timeout. Time out is 5 minutes.
  • Improved handling of FailSafe during Entry Delay. Maximum entry delay is 5 minutes.
  • Resolved issue with DSC entry delay status while in alarm.
  • Improved handling of panel detection
  • Resolved issues with Touchpad on NX for arming and exit beeps.
  • Resolved issue with disarming during disarm state.
  • Improved handling of NX exit delay time

BAT-Connect V0.1.10.0. Firmware Release Notes


New Features:

  • Interlogix NX panel support, full interactive and virtual keypad. Read enabled zone
    types and names from NX panels and populate platform zones. Full support for NX4,
    NX-4V2, NX-6, NX-6V2, NX-8, NX-8V2, NX-8E.
  • Read zone types and zone names from any DSC panel. Populate zones in BAT-Connect
    and sync to the platform. Requires PC-Link to be connected.
  • Support for Virtual Keypad mode on all DSC panels.
  • Support for Vista 128 panel, Virtual Keypad mode only.
  • Zone status suppression for zones with excessive open/close activity. Also, suppress
    panel status changes of “open zones”.
  • Zone chime support. Chime is sounded on touchpads. Chime open & chime closed are
    supported. Entry/exit zones default to having “chime open” enabled.
  • Send panel status to platform every 5 seconds during entry delay to support FailSafe.
  • Event reporting for all partitions that are enabled in the connected panel.
  • Check-in with config server every 4 minutes after power-up, if server hostnames are
    blank (not registered). The fast check-in is randomized at slightly more than 4 minutes
    and will do that for the first 4 hours after power-up or until registered.
  • Improved handling of DSC Master Code when partition Master was being entered.
  • Improved handling of Honeywell panels without AUI field.
  • Improved handling of cellular signal strength when connected to LTE.

Bug Fixes:

  • Resolved issues where Touchpad sirens would not shut down during a two-way session.
  • Resolved issue for scenes, accidentally removing z-wave triggers before z-wave is ready.
  • Resolved issue – cover tamper status is now sent to the platform whenever it changes.
  • Improved uDownloader support for DSC panels, and improved platform connection for
  • Various other bug fixes.

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