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Touchpad update


In the Touchpad update a host of new enhancements deliver an improved customer experience. New system control benefits:

Touchpad Features:

  • Added support for voice annunciation.
  • Added support for a wallpaper slideshow.
  • Redesign of arming area. No longer using cigar bar – rather the interface will show
    floating arming buttons.
  • Automatically power down tablet with 5% battery to avoid deep battery drain.
  • Converted from left navigation to bottom navigation.
  • Moved glass-break sensor to Doors & Windows security tab.
  • Show battery level for Z-Wave devices.
  • Camera live view redesign.
  • Improved camera online/ offline status representation.
  • Allow user to configure a customer doorbell ringtone.
  • Added support to pan and zoom camera live view.
  • Removed the ability to initiate a two-way voice session in camera live view.
  • Added support for partition and account number in the event log.
  • Hide all security elements if the panel type is unknown.
  • Hide all settings that require a bus connection if the BAT-Connect not bus connected.
  • Show warning message when a user is trying to connect to LAN but before the panel is
    connected to the LAN.
  • Added support for global chime when connected to a BAT-Connect.
  • Added support for Touchpad low battery report.

Bug Fixes:

  • Resolved issue where Touchpad could not connect to a Connect+ Wi-Fi repeater.
  • Resolved issue where the Touchpad would not connect to a wireless network with a space
    in the passphrase.
  • Resolved issue where Touchpad could show “Ready to Arm” while in alarm.
  • Resolved where user could not disarm a silent panic alarm while the panel was disarmed.
  • Resolved where user could not arm DSC panel to arming level Instant.
  • Various other bug fixes.

Steps to enable annunciation on touchpads:

  1. Click on the “More” button in the right-hand corner of the touchpad
  2. Click on settings
  3. On the settings page choose the “Sound Tab”
  4. From the “Sound Tab” click on “Voice Feedback”
  5. Enable Voice Feedback
  6. Choose which voice feedback settings you would like to enable and disable.

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