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Touchpad v0.3.20.0 Release Notes

Released for over the air update 12/11/2023. This release requires a local network connection to download.

  • Increased font size for PIN entry
  • Improved AC Fail shutdown procedure for the Touchpad Pro. Shutdown will happen automatically at 3.65V or when the battery gets below 20%. Removed automatic shutdown after 30 minutes of AC failure on Touchpads over 3 years old (see v. release notes).
  • If the Touchpad is not enrolled, the Touchpad will prompt the user to shutdown at 45% battery and shutdown automatically 5 minutes after that message appears.
  • Added low power mode for all Touchpads. During AC Fail events Touchpads will decrease volume & screen brightness levels. Touchpads volume and brightness levels will return when power is restored.
  • Lowered screen brightness during power up.
  • Resolved issues related to video including, missing clip thumbnails, halted notifications, and failure to pull live view.
  • Improved handling of Touchpad branding. In some cases when multiple Touchpads are enrolled only the first Touchpad would get branding until the next check in.
  • Various other bug fixes and enhancements.

Touchpad v0.3.19.0 Release Notes

Released for over the air update 06/21/2023.

  • Resolved issue that would prevent a zone’s state changes showing in Favorites list.
  • Improved handling of zone bypass from Favorites menu.
  • Resolved issue that causes the Clean Screen feature to stick. 
  • Resolved issue that did not show credentials on the Alula Cloud screen. 
  • Adjusted low battery and shutdown thresholds. Touchpad Pros and Touchpads will go into low battery trouble at 45% and shutdown at 30%. Touchpads older than 3 years will shutdown after 30 minutes of AC Fail trouble. These changes were made to prevent a lockup state that made the device hard to recover from. For troubleshooting this issue see here.
  • Improved packet sequence number handling to enhance communication. 
  • Resolved issue that was only displaying the attention banner for zone troubles. Attention will now show for any peripheral trouble. 
  • Resolved issue that would cause pop up menus to be stuck if they Touchpad would Sleep when the menu was up. 
  • Improved screens handling primary and secondary network details. 
  • Resolved issue that caused button beeps when the volume changes were made remotely with AlulaConnect.
  • Various other bug fixes and enhancements

Touchpad v0.3.18.0 Release Notes

Released for over the air update 05/01/2023.

  • Added all Peripheral devices to the Security tab.
  • Added ability to hide all controls in camera Live View to improve viewing window.
  • Added support for panel status volume and wireless siren volume.
  • Various bug fixes and enhancements.

Touchpad v0.3.13.0 Release Notes

Released for over the air update 11/15//2022.

  • Added support for remote configuration of Touchpad settings from AlulaConnect.

Touchpad v0.3.11.0 Release Notes

Released for over the air update 09/15//2022.

  • Enables two-way audio from JSW cameras to the Touchpad. Hardware vs0309 and later.
  • Added configuration for motion detection areas on CAM-OD-HS2-AI.
  • Added object detection configuration for CAM-OD-HS2-AI.
  • Added support for motion detection regions on JSW cameras.
  • Added support for JSW 360 Home Location configuration.
  • Added ability to enter secondary network. This allows Touchpad to get updates directly from local network when Connect+ or BAT-Connect is on cell. This was previously only available when updates were available. Auto-updates will occur automatically when secondary network is available.
  • Various big fixes and system enhancements.

Touchpad v0.3.10.0 Release Notes

Released for over the air update 06/27/2022 for Touchpads with internet access.

  • Ability to switch to local network connection once available. Previously require a reset to switch.
  • Provide prompt to connect to local network when downloading through BAT-Connect or Connect+ and when downloading over cellular connection.
  • Added progress bar for OTA downloads.
  • Resolves issue where new camera line would not appear in the Camera list if other camera models were also enrolled.

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