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  • Universal Siren with Special Transmitter (RE116-U) that can be wired to a variety of panels, basically any panel with a siren output.  We have tested with:
      • GE Simon XT and Simon XTI
      • GE Concord and GE NX
      • Honeywell Vista and Honeywell Lynx panels
      • 2GIG Go Control Panel
      • DSC PowerSeries and DSC Impassa
  • The Siren will trigger on any event that can be programmed for the Siren output, but in most cases that is limited to alarm events.
  • On Connect+ systems there is a different siren (RE616) and we are able to broadcast entry/exit beeps, chime, and other system events if desired.
  • You can add multiple sirens per Siren “Special Transmitter (RE150)”. You can order the RE116, this part does not come with a Special Transmitter.

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