Alula VP Paul Saldin featured in Security Today

Alula VP of Engineering Paul Saldin contributes a column to this month’s issue of Security Today.

Called “Cutting the Cord,” the column explores how the introduction of reliable wireless communication has changed the security industry for the better and created the “Internet of Things.”

Saldin writes:

The self-contained panel–with its user interface on the front and battery and electronics on the inside–was an architectural innovation that proved to be a game-changer for the security industry. For the first time, security panels did not need to be installed in basements and utility closets. They could be placed on a wall near the front door, or on a kitchen counter — a more convenient location for homeowners and installers alike.

This was also the dawn of a fundamental change to the industry: the gradual move by installers away from charging for a full day’s labor pulling cables and instead shifting to the recurring revenue model.

Read the full column here.