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Save 25%

May - June

BAT-Connect Universal Communicator


BAT-Connect is built to be the most versatile communicator
on the market. The universal dual-path communicator can be used with most hardwired or hybrid panels. LTE-M cellular technology and automatic panel detection allows alarm dealers to complete more installations and skip the next cellular sunset. Learn More

5G alarm LTE communicator

Save 30%

May - June

BAT-Fire Universal Fire Communicator


For System Integrators who want a versatile
fire communicator, BAT-Fire is equipped with dual Tip & Ring Dial Capture
and four programmable inputs/outputs with dual path IP and 5G cellular technology,
which allows system integrators to save money, maximize install flexibility and skip the 4G cellular sunset. Learn More

Save 25%

May - June

Premium Connect+ Security Kit

Connect+ is a simple and high-value professionally installed security system that is the easiest system to learn, operate and manage in the industry. Kit includes touchpad, Z-Wave, 3 door/window sensors and a motion sensor.  Learn More
Aula Connect + Builder package

Save 15%

May - June

Glassbreak Sensor

RE129, RE629

Identifies the sound of breaking glass and transmits a signal to the Connect+ panel when mounted 4-25 feet from the protected window. Glassbreak sensor is cost-effective way to extend the coverage area for any home or business. Learn More

Glassbreak Sensor, Facing


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