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BAT-Connect V0.1.10.0. Firmware Release Notes


New Features:

  • Interlogix NX panel support, full interactive and virtual keypad. Read enabled zone
    types and names from NX panels and populate platform zones. Full support for NX4,
    NX-4V2, NX-6, NX-6V2, NX-8, NX-8V2, NX-8E.
  • Read zone types and zone names from any DSC panel. Populate zones in BAT-Connect
    and sync to the platform. Requires PC-Link to be connected.
  • Support for Virtual Keypad mode on all DSC panels.
  • Support for Vista 128 panel, Virtual Keypad mode only.
  • Zone status suppression for zones with excessive open/close activity. Also, suppress
    panel status changes of “open zones”.
  • Zone chime support. Chime is sounded on touchpads. Chime open & chime closed are
    supported. Entry/exit zones default to having “chime open” enabled.
  • Send panel status to platform every 5 seconds during entry delay to support FailSafe.
  • Event reporting for all partitions that are enabled in the connected panel.
  • Check-in with config server every 4 minutes after power-up, if server hostnames are
    blank (not registered). The fast check-in is randomized at slightly more than 4 minutes
    and will do that for the first 4 hours after power-up or until registered.
  • Improved handling of DSC Master Code when partition Master was being entered.
  • Improved handling of Honeywell panels without AUI field.
  • Improved handling of cellular signal strength when connected to LTE.

Bug Fixes:

  • Resolved issues where Touchpad sirens would not shut down during a two-way session.
  • Resolved issue for scenes, accidentally removing z-wave triggers before z-wave is ready.
  • Resolved issue – cover tamper status is now sent to the platform whenever it changes.
  • Improved uDownloader support for DSC panels, and improved platform connection for
  • Various other bug fixes.

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